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Yourself As The Good Guy


With seconds to spare, Jessica realizes that her kids will probably find her naked in the arms of their real dad, so she shoots back into her clothing and runs! But no, they are still asleep. Oh well. She'll just have to try harder to tank her marriage next time.


Goes like this: Roya and her crew are going to have breakfast at some diner before the big homecoming event, and while they're doing that El Mysterioso's team is going to be trading out film canisters in her van for lookalikes full of C4. Everything happens very, very fast once this begins, but for now everybody's just getting ready and/or having their terrorism breakfasts. Carrie's had eyes on Roya since six AM, and there are tactical teams everywhere, and various CIA vehicles, and the only thing we don't know is whether or not the guys in her actual news team are also terrorists. I'm guessing not.


Major Joy brings Jessica a satellite phone, so we can mix the usual Brody Family Stress into this less-complex-than-it-seems operation for the episode. Dana has gone back to being an asshole, and Mike Faber has made huevos rancheros for his pretend family. Major Joy, because she is a good sort and wants to see the best in people, fully reminds them not to ask him mission-crucial information: Just say hi, you love him, hang up the phone. Major Joy forgets to point her finger in Jessica's face when she says this.

Jessica: "Hey. Dana doesn't want to talk to you, because she is awful."
Nick: "That's okay. Just tell her I'm somewhere, doing something, and maybe one day everything will be okay. But probably not."
Jessica: "Brody, is there literally anything you can tell me, about all this?"
Major Joy: "Oh my God, what did I literally just fini..."
Mike Faber: "It's cool, he won't. She's just like this."
Nick: "Well, and now I have to go. Love you or whatever. You smell like Mike Faber even over the phone. Well done."


While Carrie reports on like, what is Roya Hammad having at her camera crew breakfast, Saul is back home staring a hole in Peter Quinn.

Saul: "But for real, what is he? Is he a demon? A sorcerer? Is he of our world?"
Estes: "He is, um, he's FBI. FBI liaison, in the field. He's quote wearing two hats today."

Spoiler Alert: The other hat is literally a limo-driver hat, but figuratively it is a Nick Brody-Shooting hat.

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