Two Hats

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Yourself As The Good Guy

Dana: "Oh, why didn't you say so. She is freakin' awesome."


Carrie: "Okay, I sent the most hilarious person to take care of your family for you. Spoiler alert, it's not the first time! Now, where are you?"
Brody: "Remember the first time we met?"
Carrie: "How could I forget? I had so much more free time to be a supercreep back then."


Virgil and Max do a thorough shakedown of Quinn's apartment, which is pretty much a terrifying place to be, because it turns out Quinn is like, what you think of a spy being at their worst. Assassination, black-bag, little-kids-dying, we-did-things-that-would-make-you-hate-your-country kind of spy stuff. Like his apartment is 100% rifle-cleaning supplies, boobytraps, copies of The Catcher In The Rye, and like, just a sleeping bag, not even a pillow.

Virgil and Max get the hell out. It is too creepy. It is like the inside of a P90X person's head in there.


Saul: "So fine, I knew we asked you to investigate Quinn's beeswax. So what."
Boys: "So it was creepy, is so what. He is a sniper. A secret sniper, which is like the most secret possible creep you can be. David Estes told us he was an analyst. Something is going on. Either he is a bad guy for us, or he is a bad guy for them, but he is bad news."
Saul: "With that little face? Come on. I'm so sure."
Boys: "Inside a copy of Great Expectations we found a picture of the most intense person that has ever been on this show, a tiny little police officer named Julia Diaz who has a baby with him maybe. But she is very scary, don't look her in the eye when you go talk to her."


Major Joy: "Sadly, I have a real job and can't just hang out with you and your kids all day, so you might never figure out how awesome I am. But I did get you some okay wine and I'm just a phone call away. There are military on either side of you, so you're safe."
Jessica: "So this top-secret CIA national security stuff, can you tell me all about it?"
Major Joy: "No? Because it is top secret."
Jessica: "I am never, ever going to understand that, okay? Now, what is going on and where is my husband and who is trying to kill us. And follow-up question, can I tell everybody I know where we are and why?"


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