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Yourself As The Good Guy

Abu Nazir: "First of all don't play theology chess with me. I am a lunatic fundamentalist, so nothing you say actually matters because I will just make God say what I want. And anyway, I'm pretty sure you have fucked up like 99% of the things we have asked you to do."
Brody: "I killed Tom Walker like a hundre..."
Abu Nazir: "It's really, it's... More about quality over quantity?"

(Team Quinn: "What did you tell him about your hissyfit?"
Brody: "Shit like I love my family or whatever, and I was worried for them.")

Abu Nazir: "Oh, I can solve that whole 'family' problem for you real fuckin' quick."

(Team Quinn: "Whoa, so there's that. He always seems like such a nice guy in these flashbacks or lies or whatever they are. Anyway, did he tell you why he was in the country?")

Abu Nazir: "My choice was simple. Run, hide and wait for death like a cowering animal, like Bin Laden; or die taking the fight to the enemy."


This is the briefcase bomb of this season, then, which they've been talking about for two and a half months, it has finally come: "Tomorrow afternoon, the VP and I are scheduled to greet the Special Operations group returning from Afghanistan, at Dam Neck Naval Base. 300 soldiers to be reunited with their families. Nazir plans to hit the homecoming. All I have to do is get the VP's permission for Roya to come cover it."

Team Quinn: "Anything else of note?"
(They prayed together, he remembers; it's the only part that feels honest.)
Brody: "...Nope."


Team Quinn: "Either this is a super coincidence, or this is everything working out. Or he is lying. Or he's telling the truth and Nazir is playing him. On the one hand, Nick Brody just spent twelve hours with his favorite guy, getting re-brainwashed..."
Carrie: "But on the other hand, it sounds like something Abu Nazir would totally do. Wait for those 300 American soldiers to get home and then murder them in front of their wives and children. With Roya Hammad there taping the whole thing for propaganda, and her news van all full of El Mysterioso and the Big Box Of Something Terrorists Like."
Team Quinn: "Abu Nazir really is just like Regina George. It's uncanny."
David Estes: "As much as I like to make you guys work for every fucking thing, no matter what side you're on at any given time, I guess fine. Tell him to be with Walden in 90 minutes so I can come tell them all of this information."

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