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Famous In a Bad Way
Jessica: "What I'm saying is, you are."

They're home by this point, and Dana drags her mom into the bathroom. Finally.

Dana: "I wasn't looking for attention. Look around this room and listen to the actual words. It wasn't a cry for help, what I did. I didn't want anyone's attention. I wanted to kill myself. I wanted it all to be over, and I wanted to die because I could not stand it anymore. But now I can. And Leo's a big part of that. Work with what works."
Jessica: "He's like your Enya yoga? That sounds really dangerous."
Dana: "Mother, listen. What was killing me was being told I was crazy, because it meant I didn't have choices. Living with the Sergeant and you, after he got home, was like living in a very small jail cell, but it was worse because I didn't know it was there. I could feel it but I couldn't name it, okay, and that meant very little personal autonomy. Mostly just being a live wire with every single nutty thing he did, and every fear you were barely conscious of, running through me all the time. You lied and lied and lied and it got worse and worse and uglier and stupider and terribler. And now I don't feel any of those things anymore."

"Leo is not crazy, and I am not crazy. And in case you're wondering, neither are you."

Jessica: "I wasn't wondering, but I guess I actually was."
Dana: "Dad was crazy."
Jessica: "I mean, he was a lot of things..."
Dana: "Including a psycho, who did nothing but lie, from the minute he set foot in this house, and ruined our lives."
Jessica: "That makes me want to cry, but not from being sad. More like wanting to say thank you and not knowing the right words to say it, or why."
Dana: "So just let me be cool, okay? Hysteria is never going to be the correct response. That's about you, not about the thing. And when the 'thing' happens to be 'me,' it makes me want to slap your beautiful mommy face. Okay?"


Quinn: "So about that laptop..."
Saul: "I haven't heard back from the bankers we shamed. About thirty Congressmen are up my ass, though, so that's fun. They sure do hate it when banks get butthurt."
Quinn: "I am also here to judge you harshly about making Carrie be crazy again. I went to the hearing because I am a stand-up fellow and a good person to know, and she..."
Saul: "I heard she lost her shit entirely."

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