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Famous In a Bad Way
Fara: "Well, and what I figured out is [lots of words] and what that means is that Where did the money go? is the question, and then dot dot dot, and then the answer is Majid Javadi. We just have to figure out the middle part."
Saul: "Well, figure it out soon so we can kill Majid Javadi and the Senate Committee will go away and I can go back to Carrie loving me like I am her father, because this shit is the pits."


Saul: "Hey, I would have swung by earlier except I was afraid you would beat me up. But now you are drooling on Thorazine and can barely pick your head up."
(The Chin, on the other hand, has never been more up to the challenge.)
Saul: "So listen, it's hard to explain but there are a lot of moving parts and because you are crazy and won't take your pills, you needed to be off the board. You would understand that, if you were taking your pills, but then we have arrived at a paradox..."

She's moving so slow and has so little clarity right now that, whatever is at the bottom is all she's got going on. You know what I mean? So it becomes, not necessarily the most essential or timeless part of her, but definitely what's driving the bus at this time. And The Chin says there's some mourning in there, and a whole lot of shame. And those eyes of hers say there are levels to the loss she's feeling that no one else on earth is quite equipped to understand. And then the mouth -- that dry, stuttering, half-dead mouth -- opens up, and explains what's driving the bus most of all.

"Fuck. You. Saul."

And she just looks at him, maybe forever.


By far the most harrowing episode we're likely to see for a while, as we check in on Brody and his new digs, and meet the most enigmatic and mesmerizing guest character I can remember ever seeing on this show. Possibly any show.

JACOB CLIFTON is a freelance writer and critic based in Austin, Texas. He currently recaps The Good Wife, Homeland, Hostages, Ravenswood, and Masters Of Sex for TWoP. Jacob can be found online at jacobclifton.com, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as a regular column for Tor.com, Geek Love.

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