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Famous In a Bad Way
Doctor: "Is that why you tried to kill yourself? To be more interesting?"
Dana: "No, that was to die. Although can I just say that I think it's fucked up I got to come home to an all-new all-redecorated guest bathroom."
Jessica: "Uh, you really need to let that one go. I didn't remodel, I fucking rubbed my hands raw scrubbing your blood out of the grout. I replaced everything, by myself, with a book I bought about doing it. I was fucking awesome, it really gave me something to do. Who needs Mike? Bitch, I'll be my own Mike."

Outside, Dana and Leo whisper teenage secrets at each other all the way down a hallway, using their Teen Love ESP. Like Dana's like, "I miss you!" and Leo's all, "I miss you too!" and she's like, "My mom is a sack of crap!" and he's like, "I know because you used to always talk about that in Group," and she says with her eyes, "It's easier to talk about my mom because she just sucks in the normal way" and he just nods because yeah, because "my dad's just got like a Kia dealership and gout, he never murdered an entire branch of government or anything, but we still understand each other like no two humans have ever understood each other" and she's all, "Not even Finn, my boyfriend I never liked that much, who my dad also blew up."


Harlan: "Hello, Carrie, I'm your doctor."
Carrie: "I know that, jerk!"
Harlan: "You need to cool your jets. You're having an honest to God commitment hearing tomorrow."
Carrie: "Yeah, that's not gonna go well. I have a feeling."

Carrie explains that whether or not she is crazy is no longer the plot of the novel of her life: This is about neutralizing her as a threat, which she became when they scapegoated her the first time around. It's like how once you're in the system you're always in the system: Now that she is crazy, it doesn't matter if it's true. The world is filled with crazy people who think they are the targets of a CIA conspiracy; they've put together the patterns wrong, they are attaching importance to the wrong things. Carrie doesn't do that often (but when she does, it's impressive) but there's no way to explain it, no way out of the box shaped like a box inside another box, so she just grunts and is pissed off, mostly.

Carrie: "This isn't necessary! Just tell them I'm standing down! They located my greatest nightmare, not that it should come as a surprise to anybody, and I am chilling out."

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