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Famous In a Bad Way
Harlan: "See, it would be easier to believe that if you weren't screaming at me, if you would maybe take your meds since that is what they are for, and also if you would refrain from describing your enemies as a shadowy They."
Carrie: "Those rational things you're saying piss me off! Are you even a doctor or are you just one of their robot puppets?"
Harlan: "See it's shit like that."

I don't really think it's that surprising when professional football players murder their wives: You teach somebody to do something and limit them to only being that one thing, of course the best ones are the ones that are the best at it, which isn't the tautology it looks like. By the same token, Carrie's a great spy because she is observant and puts the patterns together: Which means she is going to see enemies everywhere, regardless of if they exist. She's going to question identities, motives, allegiances, histories -- everything -- because every answered question or mystery solved, even the tiny ones, are really just another way of controlling a very fucking chaotic universe. One of Neil Gaiman's best Marvelman stories was about a lady convinced that everybody was a spy around her, and it was this unending cycle of identities and double-crosses, and eventually we learn that when Marvelman fixed the world, the spies were some of the only people that couldn't adjust to paradise, so he put them in a city-sized arena where they could spy on each other, endlessly. It was the only way they could be happy without screwing things up for everybody else. I know that's supposed to be a very Outer Limits twist but it just made my stomach hurt. I felt very bad for the spies, having to be that kind of person. What's dishonest isn't necessary.


Fara: "So nothing on the laptop or in the briefcase originates from Iran."
Saul: "Then let me know when you find something that does, and fuck you for wasting my time right now."
Fara: "What the hell, dude? You asked me to examine everything, I examined everything."
Saul: "I mean, so follow the money. See this wall with the colored yarn? We need to get from this one bank allllll the way over here, to Majid Javadi, who paid for the bomb that killed everybody I know."

Saul: "And look. I don't have it in me today to be delicate about this so I am just going to be as horrible as possible and we'll see then if you will imprint on me like a duckling, okay? Your headscarf makes everybody feel racist. Sorry, but that's what is going on. And it wouldn't be true normally, normally we'd be our better selves, except everybody we know got blown up recently. It doesn't make sense and it's not classy for me to bring up, but I need you to understand that you're working with a lot of demerits from go, which means you need to produce better and faster results than you otherwise would."

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