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Famous In a Bad Way
Fara: "I mean, that is a lot of things to yell at a sweet girl like me."
Saul: "The fact that it made you cry is encouraging. Also, I am upset about my actual protégée being in a mental hospital and hating my guts, so that's part of it too."

Fara: "All right, I hear you. You're being an asshole but I hear you, and I have a logical leap I was about to tell you about, if I may."
Saul: "Lay it on me."
Fara: "We need to talk to people from this particular bank about a certain sequence of wire transfers I think are suspicious. They are in New York City."
Saul: "Great. The only thing I hate more than Muslims is Finance guys. Just kidding about the Muslims."


Jessica: "Dana, are you having a moment to yourself? I can't stand that. Let me yell at you about sweaters and food and other things I have heard mothers talk about."
Dana: "Jessica. Get off. My jock."
Chris: "Seriously, you're being horrible. Stop hounding her."
Jessica: "But you could starve! If you don't wear a sweater!"

Dana heads back into the house from their lovely deck, to stare at herself in the mirror of the bathroom where it happened, and think about where and who she was that day, as opposed to today.


Quinn: "Carrie, I just heard that you are here! Man, you fucked up."
Carrie: "I don't trust you! Because I don't trust anyone! I have no idea how cool you are!"
Quinn: "I mean, but you went to a newspaper to tell them about spy stuff. That's not a conspiracy making that look crazy, that's crazy making it look crazy."
Carrie: "I mean, now that I'm in here he can use me to save the Agency, you know, and so that works out for everybody. Everybody except Carrie, who by the way lost the love of her life two months ago, and is singularly unprepared to have that be common knowledge. Is unprepared for the way a whole world finding it disgusting will make me feel about it, and him, and me."
Quinn: "Carrie, I'm here solely because I am awesome? And it is my advice, as the coolest person you know and a personal friend, that you back your shit down and just act cool for like ten minutes out of your life. Can you seriously not do that?"
Quinn: "The words that are coming out of my mouth are the actual words I am saying. Not what you want me to say, or what you hear me saying. Stop projecting and listen to the actual words."

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