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Famous In a Bad Way

Saul: "Hey it's me your old pal Saul."
Dad: "I should punch your face for this, why are you here?"
Saul: "Well, because you gotta get that girl to take her meds. And you gotta shut her up. Do you understand what the CIA is? It's spies. The S is for secrets. She is being the opposite of a spy, at a real bad time. I am doing everything I can to protect her on my end, but she just keeps finding new ways to make my coworkers want her dead. "
Dad: "I guess that makes sense. She does fuck everything up, for everybody, all of the time."


Dana: "I could stay in this laundry room soiling every sheet in this entire facility forever."
Leo: "I am going to get in big trouble when they figure out I'm missing."
Dana: "The important thing is that neither of us is crazy."
Leo: "Are you sure about that? I probably have serious mental issues. I probably will kidnap you at some point, come to think of it. That's something that would totally happen on this show."
Dana: "I just want to have conversations like Carrie and Brody used to have, where they just blithely edited out core aspects of reality."
Leo: "Okay. When I lose my shit and put you in a car trunk, remember this moment."

Security busts in and catches them in the act of being darling! Better call Jessica Brody to shit all over this situation, stat.


Carrie: "I can't believe Quinn is here to support me and be a character witness if necessary! What the fuck is that guy's problem!?"
Harlan: "I know it's painful to see him being such a good friend despite your continual hostility, but focus."

Dad & Maggie: "It's us. And we brought you a sack full of pills! Take all of them so your brain can go back to regular."
Carrie: "Pardon me? All I heard was one more option and example of autonomy being stripped away from me. Did you not get the memo that I am in a mental hospital?"
Them: "Yeah but like, think how fun it would be to get out of here. Meds would help."
Carrie: "I don't need drugs! I need to do YOGA and I need to drink some JUICE and I need to MEDITATE and do a bunch of things that could positively affect my brain chemistry."
Them: "That sounds great except clearly it is not working, and also did you know? One thing that can really efficiently affect brain chemistry is chemicals? Pills are chock full of them. They are designed for that purpose, in fact."

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