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Famous In a Bad Way
Carrie: "I'm at like a four right now because I am really trying? But if you don't quit patronizing me and giving me solid advice that's going up to an eight so fast."

Them: "Well, okay. What about the reporter thing?"
Carrie: "Why do you even know about that? Oh, because guess what. Saul. Do you not see how I am right about everything, before it even happens?"
Them: "I mean, he seems to think that you are going to get yourself murdered."
Quinn: "They're not joking about that, kiddo. Seriously, think about it."

As the Magistrate enters, Carrie very efficiently tells everyone on her team -- Dad, Maggie, Quinn -- that they are to expressly fuck off, forever, and she is no longer on their team, team of one, and then most amazing of all: Before he even tells them to sit down for the hearing to begin, Carrie just flips out and tries to exit the room. Like just hauls ass. Break, feint, straight up the middle. And they grab her, and she screams that the whole thing is a sham, but I mean, if this were a meal, you just got as far as the part where the waiter offers to bring you some waters while you look at the menu. You know? If I jumped up and booked it out of the room while that was happening, could I really call the meal a sham? And also, who does that? In the history of TV I can't think of a single time where the bailiff was like, "All rise" and the person just opted out. "Nope, I don't feel like a hearing today, sorry." Just bailed.


Saul: "You guys have been in receipt of cease and desists before, I mean, you have a history of doing questionable transactions with Iran..."
Bank: "We have non-reasons for that, obviously, that I am too arrogant to even say them."
Saul: "Okay but like, if a person went off their meds and started detecting patterns, this wouldn't even be a hard pattern to detect. You launder money for terrorists, and take a cut."
Bank: "Don't be silly."

Fara: "Don't be silly? Fuck you don't be silly. Check out this email that you sent about systematically altering transaction headers, and told a broker to delete any customer names that were Iranian, just in case, and..."
Bank: "I have no idea what you are talking about at all."

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