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Famous In a Bad Way
Fara: "Really because you are the one that wrote this email and the subject line is Do not reference Iran."
Bank: "Where did you get all this?"
Fara: "From being awesome, bitch. Now give me the real documents, not this second-ledger bullshit."
Bank: "I'm just a sad little baby bank! I'm too big to fail! But too little to understand all these big words!"

Fara: "Look. Your client is funding attacks, by terrorists, on this country. Your bank has been trafficking in human misery since the Opium Wars. That's not an aberration, it's not a mistake, it's your business plan. You move money for embargoed governments, phony charities, you don't care and you don't want to know. But this time, I'm telling you where it went. Into an SUV full of C4 that blew up right outside this building three months ago. You passed the blast site on your way in. We know the funds moved through your bank. We need to know where they originated."

Bank: "Oh, you need that information? You're basically begging?"
Fara: "Insofar as you are going to prison forever and ever either way, please do keep fucking around."
Quinn: "I don't know if it will make me feel better about killing that little boy, but I sure could hand that guy's ass to him and feel pretty good about it."


Jessica: "That was very selfish! Because everything is all about me, including you!"
Dana: "Whatever, dude. Everything is fine."
Jessica: "To be fair, can we say that? I have never in my life heard of someone running away to the nuthouse."
Dana: "Relax. I was all good, the whole time."
Jessica: "You were fucking a crazy boy, you mean."
Dana: "How dare you profile him like that? Just because he's on a lockdown ward of a junior mental hospital you think he's got mental health issues? You're basically a racist. I can't wait to write about this on Tumblr."
Jessica: "I mean, is it not like a tenet of all this junk that you don't start up with somebody from your group? Or something like that?"
Dana: "Mom, you don't know anything about anything. You're just a dumb girl."
Jessica: "That may be true, but at least I noticed I was married to a crazy person. I chose to overlook it, but I knew."
Dana: "Yeah, that worked out really well. I should really model my behavior after yours."

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