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We'll Never Have Paris

The music continues as House, back home, pours himself a huge glass of Not Maker's Mark whiskey. He drinks all of his liquid courage and tosses his cane away so he can try to walk unassisted. He takes about a half-step with his bad leg before collapsing into a nearby chair.

Stacy and Mark make out in his hospital bed. Things always work out for Stacy!

House takes out that bottle of amphetamines he swiped from Mark. He tosses a pill in the air and catches it in his mouth. The effect is kind of ruined by the fact that the flying pill was obviously created on a computer afterward and the whole thing looks fake. It's a good party trick, though. House shuffles the pill around in his mouth and then looks directly at the camera as we fade to black. If he swallows it, he'll be as excited about the new season as I am! See you then!

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