Burden Of Truth

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Can You Hear The Horses?
Tate: "You are freaking me the fuck out, Morgan."
Morgan: "Morgan's gone, Daddy. I am Morg-Morg now."

Tate: "Morgan, these people are evil. Do you not see that?"

Her head nods yes, but her eyes say You will be the first against the wall.


Vanessa: "How's it going, how are you feeling?"
Blair: "Optimistic! I have multiple hired killers in place and a massacre set to begin one of these days... I guess I'm just a Marine at heart. I like getting down in the mud."
Vanessa: "You can't have mud on your shoes in the Oval Office!"
Blair: "We are shitty at metaphors."
Vanessa: "So let's have some sex. Oh wait, are you going to kill Duncan Carlisle too?"
Blair: "Absolutely."
Vanessa: "Okay, now we can have sex."


Tate: "So I don't know what you were up to today, but I'm pretty sure our daughter has Stockholm Syndrome."
Ellen: "As a doctor I can tell you with confidence that there is no such thing. Also that Duncan Carlisle was right. Truth is a burden, just like the title of this episode. Even when it's a secret for no reason."
Tate: "She helped Spelterskelter cover up that murder in our kitchen, for starters..."
Ellen: "Why is that a big deal? She did the right thing. We no longer have the privilege of having ethics or morals. Those days are over. Can you hear the horses? Because here they come, Tate Donovan."
Tate: "Holy shit! It's everybody!"
Ellen: "You told me to go along with them. I didn't, and you got shot seven different times. Now I think maybe you were right. Sorry I didn't figure it out in the pilot."
Tate: "Actually the only reason I left my mistress is because I was so impressed that you didn't. Being willful is your one character trait, please don't fuck that up now."

Ellen: "Thing is, the President deserves to die. Don't worry about it."
Tate: "I mean what, did he rape somebody in 1978 or something?"
Ellen: "I prefer to maintain an air of mystery about that for no reason whatsoever."
Tate: "Then I have no choice but to count you among the body snatchers."
Ellen: "Are you saying I have a crush on Duncan Carlisle? That's CRAZY."
Tate: "I must insist that you not trust Duncan Carlisle."

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