Burden Of Truth

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Jacob Clifton: A+ | 15 USERS: C
Can You Hear The Horses?
Ellen: "I must insist that you stop interfering in our relationship."


Sizzurp: "Okay, I used science and technology to find the address of that sniper."
Duncan: "Cool, thanks. And thanks for sticking around waiting to get shot in the head."
Splontifex: "No prob. I got nothing else going on except my son and all this money I..."
Duncan: "Save it, okay? I have to go kill a killer before he kills us and then take some people hostage that are taking us hostage."

Somebody texts her some other threat about killing her kid, and she's like, "Man I have so many secrets."

Beardy: "Why are you sneaking out with that face on your face?"
Sinkhole Sally: "No big deal, somebody's holding my kid hostage. Be back in an hour."
Beardy: "Okay, I will cover for you. Don't get shot by a sniper, though!"
Springoefeningen: "Thanks for being so supportive about this, my worst idea to date."


Duncan breaks into a warehouse where it's said snipers sometimes gather when it's cold, and hears them being raucous downstairs. What is happening there? Laughter, and bottle-clanking. Not our ginger at all.

Duncan creeps around and around, down and down, on the stairs with lots of beautiful light happening, and then picks a lock so he can get shot right in the face from close up.

What lies in the sniper's nest? A man with a gun, shockingly enough. But that man is... Still Duncan Carlisle. So still nothing. He goes and goes and goes, pointing his gun at nothing after nothing, and finally finds the sniper in its native habitat, a nest of blankets and... No, it is just a very sleepy naked chick who doesn't even notice Duncan flipping the blankets off her and looking at her naked ass.

Then he goes to the computer of the sniper and finds a boarding pass for a flight to New York, one of these days. He acts like this means something but I don't know what, I guess because I'm not Duncan Carlisle. I'm not Platinum Level.

Okay, I just went to the website to poke around and see whether I could find a timeline to figure when the show's events started, because I can't remember if we know any dates, and the flight is 24 October. Instead, I found THIS, which at least at press time has a hilarious thing going on under all three tabs that validates everything I have ever thought about this show. (Or, signifies that literally nobody on Earth cares about Brian Sanders except for me, standing here in front of you, yammering on about Tate Donovan 24/7/365.)

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