Burden Of Truth

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Can You Hear The Horses?
Morgan: "I know, isn't that so weird and unforeseeable? Anyway, what happens now? Do we kill his dad too? I am okay with that but he has a lot of guns because they're trash."


Ellen: "Is there another medical solution? I don't want to cure your wife's cancer at the cost of infecting her with rapism. Studies have shown that if you eat the brain of a person who can play the banjo, you gain his banjo powers. What if it works the same way here?"
Duncan: "I get that you're late to the bandwagon, but please don't act like I haven't already thought of everything. You're a capable woman, but you're no Duncan Carlisle."
Ellen: "Still, I want to help you personally even more than I want to avoid killing the President. Like, a lot more."
Duncan: "Fine, I'll have her records sent over today. Go to town on 'em, see if I care."
Ellen: "You will care, when I save your wife with science."
Duncan: "Yeah, I'm so sure I will."
Ellen: "I'm so sure you will! God, is it hot in here?"


Blair: "Mr. President, thanks for coming!"
Gay Fella: "No, he couldn't come. I'm the new Chief of Staff, Ted Something."
Blair: "Listen, sorry Quentin Creasy died. Even though it meant you got a sweet new job. But I need to talk to the Prez."
Ted Something: "I don't care, though."
Blair: "Even just like for one minute?"
Ted Something: "Not even for one second. He is very busy doing patented exercises to increase the viscosity of his very thin blood."
Blair: "But then how can I murder him!?"


The music acts like something is happening, while Ellen reads files. Bonka-bonka-literacy; wakka-flakka-research. Then ... she jumps!

Ellen: "Duncan, I found a marrow donor who matches her like family. They won't, themselves, actually help, but it..."
Duncan: "If there were a better marrow match we would already know it. Don't stress yourself out on my account."
Ellen: "I feel like you're blocking me here and I am only trying to help. What, is there some other horrible secret I don't know yet that is making you be like this? Or are you just a fucking Eeyore like me and my dumb family?"
Duncan: "Okay, fine. Give me their anonymous donor number and then I will tell you who to go bother."

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