Burden Of Truth

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Can You Hear The Horses?
Beardy: "Are we going to be murdered by this person?"
Duncan: "In a word, probably."


Ellen: "I brought your husband's phone?"
Sally: "Yes, come all the way into the back of this antique store so I can shoot you with a shotgun."
Ellen: "What is happening?"
Sally: "I am shooting you with a shotgun because you are a stalker. My husband called me from the landline that we obviously have because we're old."
Ellen: "You're a 28 percent bone marrow match of Nina. I saw the wedding photo in your house, I know this is a real thing."
Sally: "Bitch, I will shoot you with this shotgun. Stay out of this huge awful mess."
Ellen: "You are obviously her mom. I am onto how this dumb show works. We are on the same team! Now, let's chat endlessly about rape."

They do. At no point does anybody answer the very important question of why would you fake your own death and then move down the street and open an antique shop. The entire world is full of places that are not Washington DC. You could almost say the entire world besides Washington DC is defined by not being Washington DC. Austin, TX? One interesting thing about Austin is, it is not Washington DC. Dubai? There is no Washington DC in Dubai. London, England? You might find Roman Polanski there in 1978, but at no point are you going to find the Lincoln Memorial, because that is in DC, which London England is not.

Ellen: "Anyway, on top of getting raped and losing your entire identity, your daughter is dying of leukemia."
Sally: "I am so glad you're here. Also, none of our other relatives have bones."
Ellen: "That sucks. Sorry for stirring up 35 years of bullshit and making you cry."
Sally: "Why do you fucking care about any of this?"
Ellen: "Because I am in love with her hus... I mean, because my family is Hostages."


Tate: "Who are you? You look gross."
Pickup Sr.: "I'm the trash what begot the trash what begot our grandchild."
Tate: "Come right in, sir. Morgan has told us so much about you! PS, it was clearly lies."
Pickup Sr.: "So I guess he dumped your knocked-up daughter and then vanished?"
Tate: "Boys be acting crazy lately. My son's a drug dealer, kind of!"
Pickup Sr.: "I would like to bother your daughter, if I may."

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