Fight or Flight

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The Physical Impossibility of Being 2 Legit
Sprambo: "Two hours after they call the President's death, we will meet at a rest stop off I-95. He will give us money. I will blow everybody up. You will give me more money. That is twice the amount of times people will give me money that day."
G-Man: "Oh good, a rest stop. That is the perfect place for exploding people."
Schnuckiputzi: "Can I have the money and passports before this happens? Because I have trust issues. I keep my feelings separate from business ever s..."
G-Man: "…Ever since Mexico. Girl, we know."


Archer: "So Smokemonster took the bait. G-Man knows you trailed a pretend federal prosecutor."
Beardy: "How does Duncan know that's her fault? They're the NSA, knowing shit is their whole deal. Operation TMI."
Archer: "You are whipped. I told Duncan Carlisle you weren't cool or one of the guys, and now look. He just feels sorry for you, he's not even really your friend. I'm just trying to be honest."
Beardy: "I'm so sure, he texts me all the time. But anyway, who cares? We're all on the same side."
Archer: "Until we accomplish our shared goal. Then our aims diverge wildly. Our new goal will be not being killed, and their new goal will be the killing of us. Using Splendora."
Beardy: "Did Duncan Carlisle really tell you to tell me to spy on her and figure out how to get rid of her?"
Archer: "If I say yes will you do it?"
Beardy: "Obviously. PS, I will not."


Ellen: "Are we ready for this?"
Tate: "The dumbest thing we have ever done? Which is saying a lot?"
Ellen: "Yeah, who am I kidding. Of course we're ready."
Tate: "Baby, we were born ready. Let's get out there and get stupid."


Nina: "How did I not know that you are a hit man and lawyer of serial killers and arranger of complicated Conspiracies? I just thought you were my dad."
Gramps: "Deal with it."
Duncan: "Yeah, deal with it. Rock and roll."
Nina: "You're both fucking insane. I can't handle this ludicrous show whatsoever. Is this really what you guys have been up to for twelve episodes? What a fucking goat rodeo."

Soy-Soy comes downstairs wearing a 19th century bathing costume and pince-nez, toting a candle, hair curled around soup cans. She glares down at them through the glasses, which reflect the candlelight.

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