Fight or Flight

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The Physical Impossibility of Being 2 Legit

Soy-Soy: "A dame can't get her nap in peace? What is this, the Korean War again?"
Duncan: "Sorry, Soy-Soy. We'll try to keep schtum-schtum."
Soy-Soy: "Is that my mother Nina I spy? Bitch, get over here and give me a hug. I haven't seen you in a coon's age!"

Soy-Soy: "The fact that you're here can only mean that cancer has been cured. I'm five so I think like that. It's depressing as hell."
Everybody: "Just go the fuck to sleep. Just climb up into bed and shut your eyes and stop being a weird old broad."
Soy-Soy: "Aw, nuts. Aw, crackerjacks."

Duncan: "See and that's why I am trying to cure your cancer through murder."
Nina: "Yeah, she's worth it. Look, I'mma call the cops real quick..."
Duncan: "Nope. Guess what happens now."
Nina: "Uh, based on twelve episodes of this bullshit I'm guessing you take me hostage."

And then he takes her the hell hostage! It is the second-best thing that has ever happened on this show. Duncan just instantly going baseline, taking anybody hostage that does anything whatsoever in his immediate area. "This is a really good hamburger! Hammy, I'm taking you hostageā€¦in my mouth."


Vanessa: "Listen, I gotta go hang out with Maid Marian, so be ready for me to unload on you when I get home."
Blair: "I didn't tell anybody about my secret Attorney General meeting that makes me look like an enemy of the Conspiracy and not its main architect, leading to my death."
Vanessa: "That is very cool of you! I can't wait for you to be Vice President (Of Ghosts)."


Archer: "I can't believe Sandals Resorts is going to kill us! I wonder how she will do it."
Duncan: "I wonder if it will be guns, or bombs, or... Bombs under the cars."
Archer: "How did you figure that out? And so quickly, just standing here with me."
Duncan: "It was through intuition, Archer. That is why Duncan Carlisle is the head of every government agency, while you are the head of ... How many? Remind me how many?"
Archer: "Speaking of Shady Lane, tell me long boring details of how we will get paid for this assassination. But don't use any nouns or names or verbs or adjectives or words."
Duncan: "A person I agreed on with Quentin Creasy RIP will send us wire transfer information after it's confirmed that we did the thing we're obviously not going to do."

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