Fight or Flight

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The Physical Impossibility of Being 2 Legit

Soy-Soy, reasonably enough: "Uh, why did you lie to that doctor just now?"
Gramps: "Sometimes you have to do like that. It's good to lie to doctors sometimes."
Soy-Soy: "Don't bullshit a bullshitter, Grandpa."


Archer: "Look at this neat picture of a boat! I am going to buy it, when we get paid and then blown up."
Duncan: "That is a very neat picture of a boat."
Archer: "Don't you condescend to me, Duncan Carlisle."
Duncan: "As I've said many times before, this is just my face. Now, I intuited suddenly that there were bombs under all of our cars. What do you say we go snag those real fast."


Blair: "It is so great to meet with you today, presumably so you'll ask me to be your 2016 running mate, because you don't know you're about to be President."
VP: "Kinda. What do you think about your girlfriend, Ambassador Vanessa, instead?"
Blair: "What I think is, you just confirmed she's gonna murder me sometime soon."
VP: "Okay but do you think she'd make a good Vice President."


Duncan: "Okay, your sister has gone nuts. She locked herself in there with her cancer and won't come out, she wants to go to the police, we got oncologists showing up..."
Beardy: "Yeah I figured the situation must be pretty dire, since you called me."

Nina: "Oh my God, Beardy, you gotta... Oh, shit. You're in on this too?"
Beardy: "Kind of. I mean, technically. Mostly what I do is, I moon around after the sociopath hacker we hired, and occasionally murder people unrelated to the plot of this show. Oh, and I have a new friend."
Nina: "That's great!"
Beardy: "He's a high school sophomore, so. Oh, but we have a dog! So that's fun."

Nina: "Did you know about the rape stuff? How the President is my real dad?"
Beardy: "I don't understand how everybody is so cool talking about this. It is fucking grim, and you assholes just toss it around like it's no big deal."
Nina: "I don't care. It's no more callous than the way we treat my cancer, and those two things are the entire show, so it's kinda baked into the cake."
Beardy: "Oh, I got it! You're a rape baby, which means Soy-Soy is a rape-grandbaby."

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