Fight or Flight

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The Physical Impossibility of Being 2 Legit
Sanderses: "You are so scary right now, Duncan! But also brave."
Duncan: "Put black hoods on the children and tie them up execution-style in the basement until I say so!"
Sanderses: "That is too grim! Dial it back!"
Duncan: "No! I am comin' in hot! Don't make me shoot Jake!"

He immediately shoots Jake, for no reason. Jake is just standing there and he shoots him, as though this is Florida and he has no duty to retreat. Everybody yells at him for being uncool in killing Jake Sanders, the only worthwhile Sanders, and Duncan threatens to shoot Morgan. But, of course, he doesn't because that would not be a deterrent to anyone for any reason. A cause célèbre perhaps, but not a demonstration of power per se.

Duncan: "Now are you going to kill the President? OR WHAT?"
Ellen: "Okay, fine! If you are going to a dick about it and kill my kids, fine."

Actually I have no idea what they said, or what anybody said, because for about ten minutes Morgan Sanders decides to put on a little one-woman show entitled, My Brother's Execution Is All About Me, starring Morgan Sanders as The Center Of The Goddamn Universe.


Stuffinpuff: "What the fuck was that? What the literal fuck was that?"
Archer: "I don't know, I guess he's gone loco. I guess we finally broke Duncan Carlisle."
Shortround: "This is the kind of shit that makes you think, 'Man, I should blow up all these people for some revenue purposes.' Or else... Archer, do you want to blow this pop stand immediately? Just you and me…and my son….and all of the money you might know about. Or if you have heard about where some money is."
Archer: "What about Beardy?"
Sparklehorse: "Does he have money? I searched him pretty thoroughly."


Duncan: "Jake, and I mean this, you are the best person I have ever shot in the chest."
Jake: "I have been waiting almost two weeks for you to give me that kind of approval."
Beardy: "I've been waiting almost two decades."
Tate: "Yeah, yeah. Duncan Carlisle's the best, everybody loves Duncan Carlisle, blah-blah. Yeah, I wish I knew Duncan Carlisle when I was a kid, so I would have ended up cooler, and we all wish we could have gone to summer camp with him growing up. Yeah, I wish I knew what his mouth feels like on my mouth after he hasn't shaved all day. Who cares, everybody feels that way. It's not…that big…a deal. Let's all just cut down on the Duncan Carlisle worship, if I can possibly offer just one small suggestion. Are we cool with that?"

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