Invisible Leash

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This Wheel Shall Explode

This part he pivots oddly, rhetorically speaking, but of course he and Ellen are both part of this machine now, this ever-telescoping apparatus of hostages hostaging hostages, so he is both captor and negotiator and hostage, and shortly so too will she be, etc. etc.

THREE: "If the captor is smart enough, he can convince his hostage to do whatever he wants. He can coerce that person into becoming his emotional partner, into believing they share the same goals..."


Ellen: "Let's cool our jets and consider our options."
Angela: "What options? I'm a terrorist and they keep giving me polygraphs and asking me these dumb procedural questions over and over... I need a lawyer..."
Ellen: "If that's what you think is best. I mean, I'm not a doctor, but... Wait, yes I am."
Angela: "It is fucking Wonderland up here. I can barely remember what I'm doing, they've run me through it so many times. They want me to make a mistake, pounce on it..."
Ellen: "Maybe just... I mean, I'm just spitballin' here, but maybe just say you did it."
Angela: "Why in fuck would I do that? Are you saying... do you think I did it?"
Ellen: "I would never say that aloud! It's just that, like, who cares what the truth actually is? If you take responsibility for it, it's over."
Angela: "And I'm the nurse that almost killed the President. For the rest of my life."
Ellen: "Well, if you don't, they'll keep digging, and digging, and never leave you alone. And if, or let's just say when, they find a tiny inconsistency, boom. You lied in a criminal investigation about murdering the President of the United States. You know they'll file charges. Basically, treason. You're a traitor either way."
Angela: "You're really off your best friend game today."


G-Man is still hot. He looks like busted Ben Foster, it's great. So he gets on the elevator a few steps away from Duncan Carlisle, and they have their whole ultracool conversation in the time it takes to get down there. The gist is that they're now sweeping the whole hospital for DNA and prints, room to room, floor to floor. So if Ellen got the bottle from somewhere official, they're screwed.

Duncan: "Any way to get in front of this?"
G-Man: "No. Security is too tight."
Duncan: "Kinda like those slacks you're wearing. Man those look awesome, where did you get those?"

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