Invisible Leash

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This Wheel Shall Explode
G-Man: "At this mall, actually."
Duncan: "Nordstrom's, here I come!"

Duncan: "So you got the Heparin from the pharmaceutical room on the fourth floor? Did you touch anything?"
Ellen: "What do you mean? My feet touched the floor. My hand touched the bottle. I opened the door..."
Duncan: "Don't you get sassy with me. Were you wearing gloves? And if not, is there any other reason you would have been in that room that day?"
Ellen: "No and no."
Duncan: "Later!"
Ellen: "Okay. Hey, what are we having for din... And he's gone. Typical."

Archer: "Does this end in murder?"
Duncan: "If we time it right we can do a murder and mind games, at the same time!"


Random Dude: "Why are you so pretty at this bar all alone?"
Angela: "I'm waiting for somebody. My friend."
Random: "Can I invade your personal space and be really intrusive and entitled?"
Angela: "If you want, but it's really just a waste of time and privilege. I am too stressed out to even register your face right now."
Random: "Let's play a fun game where I guess what wine you're drinking."
Angela: "You can do that over there, sir."

Archer: "Honey, I'm here for our date!"
Random: "Oh, my bad. I thought she didn't belong to anybody. Didn't mean to step on your property like that, how inconsiderate of me."
Archer: "Think nothing of it, fellow man."

Angela: "That was pretty cool of you. Please don't be one of those White Knights that ends up even more entitled to my business than the lightweight goober he scared off. I have had it with dudes making demands on me today. Had it."
Archer: "I respect your personal space and do not want to intrude. If you are waiting for someone, as I'm sure you are..."
Angela: "I don't know for sure that she's coming, let's just have a drink already."
Archer: "Two whiskeys! And some of this poison for the lady!"

Then I think what happens is that G-Man thinks that Hoffman is going after Ellen, but really Ellen called in a lead on Angela? I didn't get this part at all. I doubt that it matters. Either way Angela's ass is dead. But when Hoffman shows up at Angela's house in a second, that means the lead was Angela, which means either Duncan or Ellen called her out. But either way, why would G-Man not know that or be in the loop on that? Meaning, why is there a whole scene of him being weirded out by the idea of his fake boss Hoffman going anywhere or doing anything, if it's not Ellen? Whatever. The more G-Man, the better.

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