Invisible Leash

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This Wheel Shall Explode

Duncan: "I knew you were resourceful, Ellen, but you've impressed me. Let me just put down my tea or whatever stupid thing I'm pretending to drink, and talk in a low voice for a really long time."
Ellen: "[Just basically that yi-yi-yi screech Axl Rose used to do, forever.]"
Duncan: "Did you really think you would get away with this?"
Ellen: "I mean, it was a boner move. I see that in hindsight. But it doesn't mean I will never kill the President. It just means I didn't feel like it today."
Duncan: "Do you really not understand how many moving parts this shit has? Every scene of this show so far, we've got like five people around you that work for us. Do you think they don't have families? They don't have other shit to do besides whispering creeper shit in your ear?"
Ellen: "Below-the-line employees are always forgotten, even in assassination conspiracies. I see that now. Now about my family..."

A black hood over her head! Another thing I hope happens every episode from now on. You never see the hood coming, it's so scary.


It's dire. Last week wasn't that suspenseful, for some reason, but this episode really nails it. Not just the horrific visuals -- Jake, Morgan and Brian on their knees, blindfolded -- but the actual way it all goes down is just terrifically stressful.

Duncan: "So here's what we're gonna do. One of them is going to die..."
Ellen: "NAAAHHH!"
Duncan: "...And if you don't pick, they all die. It's like Sophie's Choice, kind of. Okay, so like if I point the gun at Jake..."
Duncan: "No? How about Morgan, she pretty much sucks..."
Ellen: "NOT MY KIDS!"
Duncan: "Tate it is."
Jacob: "FUCK THAT."

Duncan puts the gun in her hand and holds it at Tate's head and counts to three, then steps away. Obviously she swings the gun around and fires it at Duncan's chest like eleven times, and obviously there are zero bullets in the gun.

Duncan: "What I am doing is called freaking your brain out."
Ellen: "NO JOKE!"
Duncan: "But see, I proved to you that you are capable of killing a person. Me, today. In two weeks, POTUS. So you can climb right down off your high horse."

The whole time, the family is wriggling around on their knees with their blindfolds, yelling into their mouth gags, and generally being hilarious. Even more hilarious: Duncan loads the gun for real, points it at Brian, pulls the trigger and credits on Ellen's last insane scream.

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