Invisible Leash

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This Wheel Shall Explode


Duncan: "Let's have that same conversation word-for-word but going the other way."
Archer: "I know Sandrine from Afghanistan. She's a solid dude."
Duncan: "But this was just a 24-hour operation! Trust me, I know how important it is to know your schedule when you're freelancing."

Brian: "Where are we going?"
Sandrine: "Shut up, you're stupid."

Ellen: "Where are they going?"
Duncan: "Shut up and kill the President already. Do you have any idea how it frustrates me to see what you've done to yourself? We would be out of your hair, I would be with Soy-Soy, my wife might somehow be out of a coma, and everything would be normal. Just another Tuesday night. New Girl and Mindy. You wrecked it. You ruined it, Ellen."
Ellen: "But the Hippocratic Oath! I couldn't kill a patient!"
Duncan: "Okay, idiot. But when the Secret Service figures out you're responsible for the Heparin, shit is going to start moving real fast. You hear me? People will die, if and when that happens. My bosses do not like even tiny mishaps."
Ellen: "But okay so about my husband..."

Duncan doesn't reply, just puts on his sunglasses at night and runs his hands through his hair and walks out of the bedroom without even a look back. Just knocks the door wide with his elbow and off down the hall, sauntering like he just got laid. Snapping his fingers to the rhythm of an old song you're not even cool enough to recognize.


Brian: "Holy shit, are you for real? My mistress's house?"
Sandrine: "Back to normal. On Tuesdays, you bone this trick. So get in there, buddy."
Brian: "It's not what you think! I love my family and all that crap..."
Sandrine: "You understand that I do not care at all? Just get your ass in there. Bring this champagne I brought so she won't ask questions."
Brian: "My tummy... has not been doing so great. If you know what I..."
Sandrine: "Suck it up, my friend. Get in there and put on a show for momma. And you better make it good. That's the only thing you're getting graded on."

Brian: "So you aren't silently judging me?"
Sandrine: "Oh no, I think you're cheating trash for sure. But that has no bearing on what you need to do right now, so who cares. I mean, my feelings about you are never going to outweigh the greater part of our dynamic, which is that I could be putting a bullet in your head at literally any time. To judge you with any real weight behind it would imply an emotional reality between us that really just doesn't exist."

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