Invisible Leash

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This Wheel Shall Explode
Jake: "Fine, then go to hell."


Morgan: "Why didn't you just kill the President?"
Ellen: "Why don't you EVER STOP CRYING?"


Duncan: "Did you just find Oxy in their bathroom?"
Kramer: "In my defense, I was looking for drug money. I mean, aspirin. For a headache."
Duncan: "Remember how you are in recovery from drugs?"
Kramer: "Not until you just exposited that. Making my role as the First One to Crack even more obvious than it was before."
Duncan: "I let you be in on this assassination because I thought it would give you self-respect and help you with your addiction recovery."
Kremer: "Surely you can hear your own self why that was a bad idea. I mean, woodworking. Table bussing. Even teaching water aerobics to old ladies. But holding a family at gunpoint and working subtle mind games on them, knowing at any time I could be murdered or jailed for treason? That sounds like a good reason to start drugs."


Brian on radio: "I swear this never happens."
Samantha: "It's okay, I'm sure you're just tired."
Brian: "Maybe I'm just not into it."
Samantha: "Hey, what is that giant microchip-sized hole in your back? Did you bleed on my gross cat pee-smelling Laura Ashley couch?"

Sandrine: "Brian Fucking Sanders, you better be cool."

Brian: "...I had a mole removed. I named it Samantha. Later."
Samantha: "Glad you finally got it up, mister. Hey, do you want to go to Miami with me next month for a real estate conference?"
Brian: "That is literally the grossest thing anyone has ever said to me."


Sandrine: "...Anyway, he's headed back out now after some sex that was so unsatisfying that I am now horny, so that's freakin' great. Any other errands while I'm out?"
Duncan: "No, just take him home and say weird things to him and act weird."
Sandrine: "You got it."
Duncan: "I'll meet you back there in like one hour. I have some secret awesome things I need to do."

He touches Soy-Soy's face while she's sleeping and but like he's so cool, like, the way he does it. Then he walks downstairs where Grandpa and Quentin Creasy are sitting in the parlor, looking exactly like this one very unnecessary flashback to which he now flashes back.

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