Invisible Leash

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This Wheel Shall Explode


Quentin: "I am Quentin Creasy, the White House Chief of Staff."
Grandpa: "This is my son-in-law, Special Agent Duncan Carlisle."
Duncan: "Everybody shut up. What's this about killing the President?"
Quentin: "Well, it's a little more involved than that. I love President Kincaid, like, he is my favorite guy. But what is going on is much bigger than that."
Duncan: "I don't care."
Quentin: "Sometimes history calls upon us to do something bigger than we ever expected. Sometimes we're asked to help shape the future of the world..."
Duncan: "I don't care. I don't care. I don't care."
Quentin: "I have never been so turned on in my entire life."


Quentin: "Are you fucking kidding me with this?"
Duncan: "I know, I'm really sorry. I would call this a delay, though, rather than a failure..."
Quentin: "Really? Because there might not be a difference."
Duncan: "I wonder truly if the people holding you hostage so you have to hold us hostage so we have to hold Ellen hostage, I wonder if they are being held hostage. Perhaps it is just turtles all the way down after all."
Grandpa: "I mean, screw off. Nothing's changed, all key players are in position..."
Quentin: "Plus the Secret Service? The people whose job it is to do the opposite of what we're doing? What happens when they link Ellen to the Heparin?"
Duncan: "I know, right? I've got a plan, though. It's basically flying by the seat of my leather pants. On a motorcycle made of everything going my way. My way or the highway."


Brian: "I am home from doing nothing for several hours!"
Ellen: "You don't look dead. Although you do smell like dry cat food."
Brian: "Well, it's all over and nothing interesting happened and I guess they are just dicking with us and I guess I better go take a shower."
Ellen: "Okay, quick update. If the Secret Service figures out I did the Heparin switcheroo, we're all going to die."
Brian: "That sounds scary!"
Ellen: "Duncan is very steely and intense about the idea, but what else is new. Probably it's no big deal."

(Literally, ring-ring.)

Ellen: "Hello? Yes, this is she."
Secret Service: "Can you come in and take a lie detector test? It is probably about the Heparin."

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