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The 5 Stages of Ho
Archer: "We should just call in a bomb threat on that church. I do that for kicks anyway."
Duncan: "But if they think the President is in danger -- from a bomb or a Robert Harper or from even more extreme blood thinness -- they will change everything including the surgery, just to make sure he isn't operated on by a bomb or sniper, and not a regular doctor."
Archer: "Sure, that checks out."


Gramps: "I need two flights to Madrid for me and Soy-Soy. She thinks it's to visit Aunt Leslie but there is no Aunt Leslie. Only a lifetime on the run."
Kate: "Hi, remember me from my lifetime on the run? And how I abruptly came back to the US and opened up an antique store down the street for no reason?"
Gramps: "It's nice to see you. PS, it is not nice to see you."
Kate: "Do you know a lady who won't fucking leave shit alone for even one second?"
Gramps: "That's for sure Dr. Ellen Sanders you're describing. She has bullshit to spare."

Kate: "I wish I didn't know that Nina has cancer, but she does."
Gramps: "Does this information make you want to do something stupid that will get us all killed?"
Kate: "Yes. I would like to call the President a rapist on the TV."
Gramps: "Oh. I thought it would be something about your daughter's cancer."
Kate: "Turns out I don't care about that so much."


G-Man: "All of our snipers are in place in NYC, they are doing great and really enjoying the night life. Everything is go."
Blair: "And what about that mysterious woman that speaks only of money?"
G-Man: "I offered her some money and guess what, it worked like a charm."
Blair: "Okay because the second we kill the President, we have to kill all of them, and then kill everybody else, and then kill everybody that is left. Even us."
G-Man: "I know, it's going to be awesome. But about the various hostages and their various hostages in this pyramid of everybody being hostages..."
Blair: "Duncan first. Then the kids, then Ellen Sanders, then Tate. Put the gun in Tate's hand. Cover him in blood and then write a suicide note about his sudden murders."
G-Man: "You had that one locked and loaded."
Blair: "Vanessa talks in her sleep."


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