The Good Reason

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Hack The Planet!
Duncan: "You do not leave this house without my permission. You know the rules."
Morgan: "I cannot process what is happening. Also, I might barf."
Duncan: "Morg-Morg, you look messed up! Are you okay or do I need to make threats?"

Pickup Truck comes running out of the mud room, brandishing his weapon! Talking about how Duncan Carlisle will not be hurting Morgan ever again! On the one hand, Duncan has a gun pointed at him, which sends his little Adam's apple just a bobbin'. But on the other hand, Duncan is a Jedi Ninja who runs every government agency, vs. Pickup Truck, who is probably high on bath salts or krokodil as we speak, so...

Duncan: "I will play the dad card if you want. Put the gun down, son."
Pickup: "I am committed to stopping your domestic abuses."
Duncan: "I don't know what you're talking about, but chill out."
Morgan: "Okay, I was not exactly clear before, but he's not abusing anybody. Sometimes my real dad, but he's mostly begging for it. And the President, one day in the far future."
Pickup: "Clearly you have been brainwashed!"

Morgan tries to also hostage-negotiate, which is obnoxious because Duncan Carlisle works alone and it's his actual job, but Morgan is un-shut-uppable. So it goes on and on forever and ever. What's Sandrine doing? Eating more sandwiches, playing with her guns. Anything except her job.

Then the phone rings, and Tate leaves a voicemail that is ridiculous: "Hey Morgan, it's your Dad! Tate Donovan, your biological father who raised you and is not standing in the kitchen. Just calling to say hi, and tell you that I love you because you are my daughter and I am your father. Say hello to Duncan Carlisle, the man who is holding you hostage and is not your father like I am, and tell him we'll be home soon."

So then we have round two of the same thing again, but now there are two guns because Duncan pulled a gun out of his pants and also Sandrine is coming downstairs with a gun, and then everybody shoots at everybody else. Duncan drops on top of Morgan because he is a good dad and also they have a bond; Pickup zings Sandrine in her shooting shoulder but she's wearing a vest... and Pickup Truck finally, finally, is dead as hell.

Just like the old swamp witch down the holler predicted, on the day he was born in that Denny's bathroom: Dead from a gunshot wound, during a domestic violence dispute.

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