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And back at the hospital, Ellen's still obsessing on Nina's chart by the time Duncan gets there, so then she pulls a total Ellen and threatens to murder his wife with morphine right in front of him. The totally normal thing to do at this juncture. I wish I could say it's out of character, but I think even Ellen at this point kind of suspected she would end up doing this.

Duncan: "She's innocent!"
Ellen: "So's my family!"
Duncan: "Okay what do you want?"
Ellen: "To stare at each other until the episode ends."
Duncan: "Done."


Blair and Vanessa are doing it! And also Ellen figures out that Nina is the President's daughter? (Not, I guess, the biological daughter of her father, Grandpa, who is the actual reason Duncan and Ellen and Beardy are all connected to this mess, which means her mother is also going to be an issue at some point.) So now it's these two sisters who have both slept with the President, plus some other lady who also has, and then their daughter who is married to Duncan, who is trying to kill the President because of one or both of those sisters. And even though we've barely even met any of these people, somehow it's still Ellen that seems like just some weird psycho on the outskirts of their lives, who is always trying to be killing at least one of them or, at some point, the President.

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