The Good Reason

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Hack The Planet!
Duncan: "I will dig very deep and drill very down and uncover this Conspiracy! It will be our secret!"
Hoffman: "Comin' in hot, Duncan Carlisle. You have out-intensed me."


While Ellen scours the medical community for Nina Carlisle, who moves pretty slow but looks fantastic doing it, Quentin Creasy and Colonel Blair have a sneaky meeting in what may well be the Capitol Building, although honestly I have no idea. Jefferson Memorial? Does the Jefferson Memorial look like the top of the Capitol Building, just left lying around? Apparently there is a river somewhere in or near DC, which I didn't necessarily know either. Is it the Thames? That can't be right.

If this were the post-apocalypse it would be a different story; I know Fallout 3 like the back of my hand, but with all these trees and non-irradiated water and people everywhere it's very confusing. I guess what's important about this establishing shot is so we know that the NSA is located inside the Jefferson Memorial, on the banks of the middle of the Thames. Perfect place for a meet, Quentin.

Quentin: "Sorry he sprung that on us this morning about the whole ruining your life thing by exposing Operation TMI. On the upside, you recovered well."
Blair: "Shut the door, Quentin. I am very mad with you, Quentin."


Quentin: "It is very nice to meet you five months ago, Colonel. Our Mutual Friend speaks very highly of you, in a conspiratorial voice."
Blair: "You also. Let's be sneaky in these very low-hanging seats that make us look like gangly teenage boys."
Quentin: "Can I speak freely?"
Blair: "Literally you are in the most secure building in the world. The Jefferson Memorial."
Quentin: "Love you, love Operation TMI, love it..."
Blair: "Thank you!"
Quentin: "However, the President wants to eliminate it, due to its extreme creepiness."
Blair: "I guess we have to kill the President then."
Quentin: "I know a lady that will poison him, but only if we rig up a radically abstruse plan of misdirection and adultery and recruit seemingly every person in the United States to be part of a Conspiracy."

I'm not exaggerating. That's how quickly it escalated, five months ago. Zero to sixty was, and remains, Colonel Blair's main deal.

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