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Future Shock

Lana is pushing a cart into a room where sheet music is on a stand and classical is playing from a record player. She announces herself. A man with a big, round face, who's sitting in a wheelchair, closes his eyes and holds up his hand, telling her to hold on a sec. Dude, you're not Hannibal Lecter yet. Then he shuts off his record player and turns around to face her. "The Langs moved to Smallville in 1938," he says in his gravelly voice. He tells her the Langs took over some local farms. Lana smiles and calls him a history buff. "It's kind of my obsession," he tells her, and I'm amazed there's no foreboding sound cue here. "Are you my next victim?" he asks. Lana says he doesn't look very scary. "You should have known me in my younger days," he tells her. She tells him she's sure he was quite the heartbreaker. I'm not sure that's exactly what he meant. He suggests that they take a spin around the grounds to catch up on Lang family history. He just wants to hear how her parents got flapjacked by that meteor. Lana smiles in agreement, her pretty face splitting open and revealing an even prettier face inside that mere human beings cannot look at directly.

Outside on the pond-bridge. Pretty fall colors in the trees. Wait, so last week's episode took place in winter, but now it's fall again? Lana comments on how pretty the area looks. Crusty Old Man tells her that most people stay at home and watch TV. Especially on Tuesday nights. Crusty Old Man asks Lana if she'll go back to his room and get him a scarf because he's afraid he'll catch a chill. How do you catch a chill? Is that like getting the heat sucked out of you by a kryptonite monster who wants to stay warm? Lana says, "Sure!" in her bright voice, and takes off, leaving Crusty Old Man to fish some cigarettes and a lighter from his robe pockets. Naughty Crusty Man. As he tries to light, he drops his Zippo and then has to lean over to retrieve it from the ground.

Quick cut to Cassandra and Clark. He's supposed to be reading, but nothing's been said, and Cassandra starts coughing roughly. She asks for a glass of water. She stands to drink, and as she reaches for the glass, it falls between them.

Cut from the falling glass to Crusty Old Man reaching down for the lighter.

Back to the falling glass.


Glass shattering.

Crusty Old Man leans to the side and tips over his wheelchair. It falls into the pond with him, and we see the water electrified by the wheelchair's supposed motor. There's lots of blue electricity as Crusty Old Man (now Crispy Old Man) lies, face down, on the surface of the water. Small explosion.

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