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Future Shock

Cut to Cassandra, looking scared.

Cut back to the bloated face of Crusty Old Man, as we look up from the bottom of the pond. His face morphs to that of a younger man. Cut to an overhead shot panning down quickly to show Young Crusty Man getting up from the water. He rises, with thick moppy hair, and looks around. He starts to laugh-cackle. He splashes some water with his hand and laughs some more. His clothes fit him perfectly, even though he looks about sixty pounds lighter than the more rotund older man he was just seconds before. The clothes must have shrunk in the water. We pan down the length of the pond to a rock with kryptonite embedded in it right on the top of the water.

Cassandra smiles in a pained way. "What's wrong?" Clark asks. She runs a hand to his puffy, outstretched lips (maybe she thinks they're beefsteaks and she's hungry). Dark music plays. "Someone close to you is going to die," she says, scared. "Very soon." Clark looks like he may have wanted to have a reaction to that, but instead he just moves his eyes down and to the right. That's right, Clark. Emote! Cue the opening credits.

Kent Farm. Check out that windmill a-spinnin'. A blur of blue and a "whoosh" sound effect greet Clark's arrival home. Inside the barn, MamaKent and Bo Duke are sawing and using big, scary power tools. Clark mopily tells them that if they're going to be doing that kind of stuff, they should ask him to do it, since his limbs can't be cut off. MamaKent asks if something is bothering him. "I just think we should put safety first!" he whines. I bet he did one of those safety week posters in second grade and didn't win the contest. Poor, bitter boy. Bo Duke booms that dangerous work is part of farming. Then he blows into the inside of his goggles, which I just don't understand at all. Ma and Pa Kent ask Clark again if anything's wrong. Clark tells them about Cassandra and her premonition of an imminent death. Bo Duke looks skeptical as all get-out -- even though he harbors an alien being in his home -- and says, "You can't let some old...lady scare you with a half-baked prediction." I'm trying to figure out what Bo Duke almost said instead of "lady." Clark has proof: Pete's keys! Compelling, Clark. Compelling. MamaKent says that nobody can predict the future. "But what if she can?" Clark asks, his voice going up a few octaves. Bo Duke opines that even if she knows the future, she can't control it. Wise, yet stupid. Saw buzzing commences as Clark seethes with inner frustration.

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