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Future Shock

At the elders' home, Clark runs into Lana, who is staring at a poster board of resident photos. The one of Harry is missing a "young" photo to go with his more recent picture. Lana -- who is going for Nurse Exposition's job -- explains that the police were at the home asking questions about Crusty Old Man; it turns out he was a murderer when he was seventeen, which was sixty years ago. He was a concert pianist in the '40s who was to attend the Metropolis Conservatory until his teacher recommended someone else. His dreams shattered, he decided to destroy his teacher's dream: He killed the teacher's son. Zoom in on the now menacing picture of Crusty Old Man on the poster board.

Pro football on TV. A man is watching a game and yelling colorful advice to the NFL players. As the man in flannel cheers, the lights flicker and go out. "Circuit breaker," he mutters. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. It's Piano Man, holding a clipboard and talking about a faulty line a mile down the road. Football Man lets him into his house (don't do it!) and as they examine the circuit breaker, it's revealed that this man is the son of a man who started the first car dealership in Smallville in 1935. Oh man, this guy must be a millionaire with all the car crashes that happen every week. Football Guy seems thrilled that Piano Man knows all this trivia about Smallville history, especially when it concerns his family. As they're talking, Piano Man goes over to a drawer and conveniently finds a piece of wire. "Sounds like your father left you a bright future," Piano Man says. Foreboding music plays as he stretches out the wire against his hands, strangulation style.

Cassandra's room. Clark is standing in the doorway; she asks "Mr. Kent" if he's going to come in or not. Clark, dim as his dad, asks how she knows it's him. She gives the standard line about how when one sense goes, the others are heightened. She could actually hear him moping as he came in! She says she never thought she'd see Clark again ["as it were" -- Wing Chun], and invites him to sit. Clark says he can't get what she told him out of his head. Cassandra blathers that when she first got her psychic powers, she thought it was a curse. But then she hooked up with Miss Cleo and realized it's really a very lucrative gift! Oh, and guess what? She got her powers when she lost her sight: During the Smallville meteor shower that brought Clark to Earth. Clark, you are the cause and the defeater of all evil. "I'm sorry," Clark tells her. She says it's not his fault. Clark says his friends and family think she's not know...not a fraud. Cassandra chuckles and says most people trust the unfamiliar and that she can only show them signposts on the way to their, I mean, "futures." She invites him to sit closer, but not in a dirty way, when Clark says he's just looking for some answers. "Now...take my hand," she says. Clark does. We flash to...

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