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Future Shock

In the offices of the school newspaper, The Torch, Lana is standing next to Chloe's Wall of Weird. Clark walks in and is surprised to find her there. She was supposed to meet Chloe for info on Crusty Old Man. Clark explains that the Wall of Weird features all the stuff that's been strange in the town since the meteor shower. Lana asks whether Clark believes all the strangeness started on that day. Clark says he does. Lana gets very emotional and here's why: the picture of her as a little girl from the cover of Time magazine is up there next to a two-headed cow. Lana whines that her deepest darkest secret it up there for the world to see. Clark sympathizes and says he doesn't see her as a victim, even though her parents became a paella under the weight of a big space rock. Lana says he's the only one. Clark is regretful yet again about the meteor shower. They lean in a little. But no kiss.

In the tongue-in-cheekly named Fortress of Solitude (Clark's barn), Clark explains that he didn't mean to blow off Pete and Chloe when he was supposed to meet them at the newspaper, but no mention is made of why he left. I guess he was consoling Lana, but we never saw that. Pete whips out a newspaper with news of the death of the car-dealership guy. Chloe has already made the connection that Crusty Old Man killed with piano wire in his heyday, as was the case with this new murder. Clark says it's a copycat murder. Chloe, as flippy of hair as ever, says that a copycatter wouldn't wait sixty years. Chloe shows a picture of Crusty Old Man when he was young, and he looks just like the boy from The Beanery. Chloe has already figured out that it's the same person. God bless her advanced peeking at the scripts. Clark suggests that Crusty Old Man might be getting fan mail from the copycatter (he's still on that kick.) They head out of the barn, presumably to search Crusty Old Man's room.

At the monstrously named The Beanery, Piano Man is playing a piano. This is the biggest, most elegant coffeehouse ever. There's a piano in there! Piano Man is playing up a storm, maybe hoping someone will put bread in his jar. Zoe walks up holding a tray and tells him she's closing up shop. He stops playing and says that the piano needs tuning. "You wanna settle up?" Zoe asks, but it sounds like she says "saddle," and I get all interested for a few seconds. Piano Man asks for another coffee and says Zoe can clean up to the sounds of Chopin. Goody. I'm sure she's all about Enrique Iglesias and not this "Chopin" guy, whoever that is. Is he like that "Choppin' Broccoli" dude?

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