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Everybody Dies

House wants to talk to the Clinic patient, but Wilson says he died an hour ago. Wilson asks House if he wants to swap afterlife stories with him, but House quickly changes the subject to POTW, asking who came up with the pneumonia diagnosis. Wilson answers "Brennan," but no one knows who Brennan is. Wilson then feeds into House's addiction by ordering more pain medication for him. "I love you," House says. Wilson quickly runs out of the room so he can jump up and down in joy while he giggles and clasps his hands over his heart.

13 and the animal doctor administer the meds, with 13 promising POTW they'll work soon. POTW doesn't think they're working. "You must be wrong," he gasps. "Stop talking," 13 says. That's what I tell people who say I'm wrong, too. POTW asks for his dog. 13 brings him over, and the dog lies on POTW's bed, whimpering. Aww. POTW asks 13 to put his hand on the dog's head, since he can't. She does. "Don't worry. I'm not scared," he tells the dog. And then he dies. We get a close-up on the dog, and once again, this show has managed to make an animal emote.

24 stops by House's room to tell him their patient just died. PPTH's morgue is getting pretty crowded these days. House detaches himself from the wires he's hooked up to so he can go see the recently departed. POTW may be dead, but he still hasn't been diagnosed. 24 asks if they're all fired now that their patient is dead, because that's all she cares about in the end. House says he'd have to fire himself as well, so I guess not. 24 helps House out of bed and he leans against her to create sexual tension. On their way to the room, she asks House why he paged her. House says he knew that she'd be the most motivated to bring him back to life, since if he died, she wouldn't get the job. 24 says he surely didn't think that would be the only reason why anyone would care enough to save his life. House decides he can walk unassisted.

House enters the room, where 13 and the animal doctor are standing over their dead patient. What kind of small talk do you think they're making in a situation like this? When House starts trying to diagnose the dead, 13 objects on moral grounds. House ignores her until she turns her attention to POTW's dog. It takes the veterinarian to pronounce him dead. She guesses it either got whatever POTW had, although there are few viruses that can jump species like that, or maybe it died from grief. House has another idea. He asks 13 if she saw the patient actually swallow the threadworm pills. 13 says she guesses so, while the veterinarian helpfully tells us that the threadworm pills they gave POTW are fatal to the type of dog he had. With that, House finds an empty pill cup on the floor with dog bite marks all over it. "When I asked you if you watched the patient swallow the pills, the right answer was 'no,'" House says. 13 both diagnosed the POTW correctly and failed to follow up to make sure that he got treatment. Now he's dead and so is his dog. I can't blame 13 for this, though. Kumar and Grumpy were the ones who probably knocked the pills over when they yanked POTW out of bed for their stool test. And House is the one who pitted two teams against each other instead of having everyone work together.

House is getting back in his street clothes when Cuddy walks in and accuses him of killing his patient by making his care into a game. She also points out that if House hadn't stuck a knife in an electrical socket, he might have figured out that his patient didn't take the pills a little sooner. House says it's 13's fault POTW died. "You employed her," Cuddy points out. "You're responsible." She runs off before House can point out that since Cuddy employs him, she's responsible, too. He breaks rules because she lets him get away with it. Now a patient is dead and House should really be fired. But he won't be, so it really doesn't matter, does it?

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