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Everybody Dies

And back in New York, NYCuddy asks Foreman how his patient is doing. He says the patient is recovering and will be discharged in a few days. NYCuddy isn't exactly thrilled about this, though, pointing out that by treating her for the cancer he wasn't sure she had, he could have just as easily killed her as saved her life. "If every doctor did whatever his gut told him was right, we'd have a lot more dead bodies to deal with," NYCuddy says. "You're fired." Oh, SNAP! In the real world, we can't all be maverick doctors who do whatever we want and hope our weak bosses will allow it! New York doesn't play that game! Cuddy needs to head up that way and take a few How To Be An Effective Leader lessons.

House finds 13 in the morgue, standing over POTW's dead, post-autopsy body. She says they saw his threadworms as soon as the pathologist cut into his lungs. If they were that visible, you'd think someone would have seen them in the lung fluid POTW was churning out. House reveals that he fired the other three women, so, see you later, twins and animal doctor! 13 worries that she accidentally dropped the pills or knocked them over without knowing, thereby dooming their patient. She's all teary-eyed and begs House to spare her the lecture and just fire her. He says he wouldn't give her a lecture if he were going to fire her. Now he knows that she'll never be this careless ever again. What about the other three who did get fired, though? Why fire anyone when the whole thing was completely screwed up? Whatever. Those twins were kind of creepy anyway. 13 leaves House alone with the body, her grief over his untimely death much healed by her not getting fired. "I told you so," House says before he covers the dead guy with a sheet. I guess he didn't see anything in the afterlife this time around. Interesting that, even as his errors lead to a patient dying, he's still convinced that his word is the absolute truth.

What ails the staff at PPTH? We've got the diagnoses.

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