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Everybody Dies

24 goes to collect the blood from POTW, who's kind of bummed after finding out that since the threadworm diagnosis was correct, his choking was caused by his SMA getting worse. He says SMA has already taken his legs and his modesty away from him. Now it's taking away one of his "last pleasures" -- the ability to eat unassisted. 24 tells him that there's an outside chance that the threadworm diagnosis was wrong and they can fix what it really is, meaning POTW will get to eat again. She seems almost kind when she says this, but we all know it's just a façade. When she draws some of POTW's blood, however, she's surprised to see that it's green. POTW asks what that means. "It means I'm not fired!" 24 says, always thinking of her patient first. It also means POTW is a Vulcan. That's pretty cool, although I hope this doesn't mean T'Pol is going to show up.

After the break, House asks the class for a differential diagnosis for green blood. 24 and the men are back in the classroom, and Kumar asks if they're unfired now. Dude, a man has GREEN BLOOD. Care about your employment status later! Meanwhile, the women's team is just as petty, accusing 24 of faking POTW's green blood. House says that while 24 may be "manipulative, borderline evil, and shallow," she isn't stupid. 24's starting to look like she doesn't like being the cutthroat bitch anymore. Sometimes you just want to be liked instead of feared. 39 rises above the petty bickering with a reason for the green blood: the contrast dye they injected in the POTW for the CT scan isn't being filtered out by his kidneys, which means kidney failure is yet another one of POTW's symptoms. House awards 39 ten points for this, which troubles Kumar; he wasn't aware they were on a point system. He makes a huge deal out of this until House blows up, saying that this game is over now that their patient's kidneys are failing. This is what happens when you lead by example, House. You get a room full of petty, whining, selfish pricks. And a Mormon tattletale. The true source of House's anger is probably at himself, since he says he thought POTW had a threadworm. He has to admit that he was wrong about that and is looking at a patient with failing kidneys and no diagnostic backup plan. This episode really isn't House's finest hour.

13 suggests that the kidney failure is the result of bacteria crawling up POTW's catheter. The twins elaborate on this, saying that infection could have stressed his SMA-weakened system, causing him to faint and choke. 24 is still playing on teams and says she still think their scleroderma diagnosis is correct, as it is also consistent with the kidney failure.

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