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Sail Away

It turns out that Greete feels most comfortable translating while wearing a no-nonsense black blazer (looking more and more like Cuddy all the time ... ) and reading glasses, which cracks me up for some reason. Greete feels free to editorialize on what she's reading, noting that the captain mentioned that his pet cat was with him on the voyage. Greete likes cats. She reads further on to where people on board the ship start to get sick, their symptoms described as "fever, shaking, and red eyes." Also, it seems that one of the slaves shit himself, which Greete does not like one bit. So we now know that Greete's turn-ons include cats and credit cards and her turn-offs are pooping in one's pants. Foreman asks if any of the crewmembers were sick, but Greete says so far, only the slaves are mentioned. House says that just rules out smallpox all the more, since it's an airborne illness and thus would have spread to everyone on the ship, white or black. "We're looking for a disease that discriminates," House says. "Sickle cell!" Taub says, not quite getting that House wasn't talking about a disease that primarily affects black people, especially since Julie is not black. No, they're looking for a disease that the slave "cargo" would have been exposed to but not the crew of the same ship.

Chase suggests some diseases caused by a lack of sunlight/Vitamin D deficiency, but none of them fit. Martha says maybe it was in the dirty drinking water the slaves got, since the crew, of course, got all the "clean" drinking water (let's face it -- that drinking water was not Brita quality. Better than what they gave the slaves though, I'm sure). "Scrofula," Martha suddenly says. The other Cottages look confused, either because they don't think that's a good diagnosis or they just don't know what scrofula is, as it is called cervical tuberculosis lymphadenitis today. I learned about scrofula once, although this was in a Medieval Europe history class. Supposedly, if a king touched your neck, you would be cured. I don't think that actually ever worked though, and there aren't any monarchs floating around New Jersey to try it anyway. But House likes this diagnosis, if not the annoying way Martha presented it to him. He calls Foreman out into the hallway and away from Martha the snitch to tell him they'll have to lie to the CDC to get access to Julie and test her for TB. Foreman heads down to the isolation wing and tells Broda that they have to test Julie for meningococcus right now or else she'll die before they get the smallpox results back. Broda's not buying it, and before Foreman can think of another lie, Julie's stepfather collapses. He says he just has a headache, but his eyes are all bloodshot and his nose is bleeding.

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