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Doin' It And Doin' It And Doin' It Well

House looks over LL's criminal record as Stacy enters and non-apologizes that she didn't have a choice but to tell on House. House says that Hitler had the best intentions, too. And while he's comparing Stacy to Hitler, he might as well compare himself to Gandhi, who marched to the sea and made salt even though he wasn't supposed to. "I trusted you," House says. "I know," Stacy says, "but I crapped all over that just like I do all your other weak spots, because I like to torment you for no apparent reason." House says that he's an idiot. Stacy says that she did what she thought was right. House says that's the only reason anyone does anything. And then he has an idea.

Chase and Foreman -- who still do work at this hospital, unlike Cameron -- report that LL had a foot of necrotic bowel removed during surgery. I'm glad that was a "tell, don't show" moment. House wonders why LL killed the second inmate, and Foreman and Chase are lost. House says that LL had a reason to kill three of his four victims: the girlfriend was cheating on him, the first inmate attacked him, and the guard was known for being abusive. Foreman snarks that LL is doing us all a favor by ridding the world of "bad seeds," and House ignores that to ask, again, why LL killed the second inmate. No one knows. House writes a giant question mark on the whiteboard.

House goes to the source and asks LL, saying that the last killing is an anomaly, and that doctors love anomalies. It "doesn't fit," much like LL's blanket, which just barely manages to cover his bits. LL says that he was reading in the library, minding his own business, when he felt like a guy was staring at him. It made him feel "crazy." Sweat poured down his face, his heart was racing, and he "just raged out."

"What's the differential for 'raging out'?" House asks Chase and Foreman. Foreman suspects steroids. Chase suggests an adrenal gland problem. House tells them to have LL prepped for surgery for his pheochromocytoma -- a tumor on the adrenal gland that explains all of LL's symptoms, including the bowel and the superhuman strength LL needed to break his bed. House tells them to set up an MRI to confirm the diagnosis, then asks where Cameron is. Chase and Foreman shrug and run away.

Cameron is sitting in Cindy's room, laughing and joking with her because you know what cures cancer? Smiles. Wilson knocks on the door and asks "Ms. Cameron" (it's significant that he won't acknowledge that she's a real doctor anymore) if he can talk to her.

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