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Everyone Has Hormones Except Cameron

Cameron enters the locker room, where she finds Chase just leaving. She also finds a bouquet of flowers on top of her locker with a card that reads: "Not stolen." She smiles and takes them, telling a nervous Chase that they're beautiful. So much for not trying to lead him on. She continues that she thought about what Chase said before his arm was half-chewed off, and... "I really don't want a relationship with you." OUCH. But Chase just shrugs and says that he knows. "I also know you like flowers," he says, and then he's gone. With a scene like that, I almost want them to get back together. But now he's happy, because he thinks that Cameron really does have feelings for him but doesn't want to act on them, and Cameron's happy, because she can move on to dating Foreman.

The Deran family is discharged from PPTH, taking the day care teacher with them. I guess they decided to break the news about their relationship to the kids. I wonder how detailed that discussion got, and if the kids now know that they got sick from Daddy's penis-enhancement cream. That must have been an awkward conversation.

Speaking of awkward conversations, Cuddy and House watch them go from the second-floor balcony, with Cuddy saying she doesn't "get the whole May-December thing." House defends Deran, saying it's more like a "May-October" romance. "Well why can't it be October-October?" Cuddy asks. Um...because men are visual creatures who care about women's appearance and fool themselves into thinking that women half their age are attracted to them? And because some women have daddy issues so they want to date men twice their age? Or, says my more romantic and less cynical side, because age ain't nothing but a number, and people fall love despite the generation gap? "May is when things start to get hot," is House The Philosopher's simple answer. He continues that if a guy gets a little "something-something" and some kids die because of it, that's "the circle of life." "It just shouldn't be so hard," Cuddy says. Well, now that the testosterone cream is out, it probably isn't. But she's talking about all the energy and drama people use to get with someone who usually isn't the right person anyway. And then a curious expression crosses House's face, and he thinks for a second before saying -- reluctantly at first and then spitting the rest of it out -- "I to a play." He winces and then turns to see Cuddy's reaction. And it's great. First, she's giving him the "yeah, right" look, waiting for the other shoe to drop and for him to say something about giving them both to her since she'd need two seats to accommodate her gigantic ass. When that doesn't come, she's caught completely off guard. And before we can get any kind of answer or hint as to what will happen's over. Unlike the vagina-inspection scene, it couldn't have stopped at a more perfect time. Until and unless we hear otherwise, the outcome can be whatever we want.

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