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Everyone Has Hormones Except Cameron

Cameron and Chase finish what must have been a very awkward ride in the elevator and enter the lobby. Cameron shoots Chase angry glares, like a child, while he pretends she doesn't exist, like a teenager. Jasper runs up with a bouquet of flowers. He gives them to Cameron and says they're for helping his sister, even though Chase was the one who did the biopsy, and that didn't really help so much as make Lucy's eye all wonky. But Cameron is thrilled at the gift anyway. Chase harshly asks Jasper if his dad knows where he is, then she takes the card from the bouquet and reads it aloud. It's clearly meant for someone else, possibly for someone at another hospital, as it congratulates the patient on her "bundle of joy," and ain't no babies getting born healthy at PPTH. For a guy who's observant enough to notice someone's necklace from across the room, Jasper sure did drop the ball when he didn't even bother to remove the card. Cameron gives the flowers back, smiling and saying that Jasper should give them back to the person they belong to. Chase takes a harder approach, summoning a burly security guard to accompany Jasper on this mission. The security guard agrees to Chase's request without saying anything about how he's got better things to do with his day than babysit. Then again, considering how crappy the PPTH security team is when it comes to random guys shooting staff members, maybe this is all they're good for. Chase gives Cameron a "ha ha, I took your flowers away" look, which causes her to make a move to preserve her upper hand. She does this by stopping Jasper, taking a flower out of the bouquet for herself, and kissing him on the cheek. Yes, stealing from new mothers and flirting with little kids certainly is the way to supremacy. One point for you, Cammy.

Foreman is stuck draining blood from Lucy's body to thin it out. How very medieval! Will they be diagnosing Lucy with bad humours next? Foreman says that this is only until the drug they're giving Lucy to suppress her red cell production takes effect. Then, Foreman says, she'll probably "make a full recovery." Yeah, except that they don't know what caused the red blood cell overproduction in the first place, and they don't know how much brain damage Lucy has from the stroke, either. Deran points this out, saying that Lucy hasn't spoken yet. "Give her time," Foreman whispers. He's not as reassuring as he thinks he is. Meanwhile, Jasper glides into the room, thanks to the shoes he's wearing that have those little wheels in the heel. I guess they're called Heelies? I think of them as "the things those kids are wearing when they crash into me at the mall." They do look like fun, though. Why don't they make them for adults? Deran dismisses the security guard and tells Jasper not to run off without telling him. Jasper says he won't, but he's not at all sincere and asks for two dollars.

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