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Bring It On

Meanwhile, Foreman and Hadley have given up on House and Taub's participation in this differential session and talk amongst themselves about Brandon and his current state. House interrupts to say Taub might feel doubly guilty now that he knows that not only wasn't his wife planning to leave him, but that she's also buying him a car while all he can do is cheat on her. Taub probably didn't feel that way before, but he will now. House apparently paid enough attention to Foreman to say he's right about his latest diagnosis that won't turn out to be what's wrong with Brandon so I'm not going to bother looking it up to find out how to spell it. Frankly, I think House doesn't think Foreman's right at all, but he knows that the test to prove it will keep Taub at PPTH all night, which means he won't be able to run home and confess anything to the wife that will ruin his marriage.

House, however, does get to go home. He heads for his closet to hang up the motorcycle jacket, only to find Lucas hiding inside. Lucas notes with surprise that House, who can't run, owns so many pairs of sneakers. I find that very sad, actually. House doesn't even seem surprised to see Lucas in his house. He hands him his jacket to hang up and limps to the kitchen, saying he ordered them Indian for dinner. Apparently, House was expecting Lucas. Lucas says he has to find something embarrassing about House to give to Cuddy, so I guess Lucas really was in Cuddy's office for House after all. House doesn't want to give Lucas anything to give to Cuddy, saying if he does then she won't need his services anymore, and apparently it's important to House that Cuddy need Lucas's services. Perhaps he gets a referral discount or something. Lucas says if he doesn't give Cuddy anything then she'll think he's incompetent. He also says "this" won't work, since he's not good at lying. The not good at lying thing is getting to be tiresome. Plus, who knows they aren't good at lying? My dad is the worst liar in the world, but he thinks he's awesome at it and doesn't know why we can always tell that he's fibbing. Apparently, Lucas has done well so far because he hasn't actually had to lie -- he actually is interested in Cuddy. So is House -- he wants Lucas to date Cuddy and then report her secrets back to him. Except that now Lucas has to give House's secrets to Cuddy, so aren't they even? This is very complicated, but House thinks it will be worth it. If he gets something on her, it will help him get what he wants from her. As if he's ever had a problem with that. Even when she says no, he still gets what he wants. But I guess this way it won't take as long. With that, House turns on the TV to beach volleyball. UGH. I couldn't escape that sport during the Olympics and I can't escape it here! Lucas doesn't believe House is doing this for blackmail purposes. "You're doing this for the same reason I'm doing this," he says; "we'll see who gets there first." Hey hey! Looks like Cuddy is the Season Five hot ticket! It's about time. House seems unnerved by Lucas's assumption that he likes Cuddy. I'm not sure if that's because he didn't want Lucas to figure it out or he's just figured it out himself.

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