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Back at PPTH, the results are back from Kumar and Taub's all-night cranial MR angiogram party. Kumar notes some narrow vessels in Brandon's brain, but House doesn't think they're important -- if Brandon had problems with those vessels, he would have had symptoms a long time ago. Taub notes that the symptoms might have suddenly started because Brandon developed an intermittent arrhythmia in his heart. House gets all pissy because Taub is talking about Brandon's heart when the problem should be in Brandon's head. Taub has to explain that the experimental drugs could have triggered an arrhythmia which then caused low blood pressure. Low blood pressure + narrow blood vessels in the brain = brain not getting enough oxygen, which then somehow = trying to get with Hadley. Taub's plan is to trigger the arrhythmia so they can locate and fix it. I can't tell if House is impressed or not; he's silent for a minute, only to ask if Taub's been home since last night. Taub says he has not. "Good," House says. He rewards Taub by approving his arrhythmia hunt.

As Taub and two orderlies wheel Brandon's stretcher to the Mad Scientist Wing of PPTH, Brandon interrupts Taub's attempt to explain how they're going to mess around with his heart to express his remorse over what he did to Hadley and then wonder if he should tell Heather about this. "All I do is lie to her," Brandon whines. This, of course, hits close to home for Taub. He stops the stretcher to tell Brandon that if he tells Heather the truth, she'll either forgive him or leave him. Which means, best case scenario, Brandon's life will stay the same. "It's noble to want to confess ... but if the result is just damage and pain, that's not noble. It's selfish," Taub says. I have a feeling he's rehearsed that rationalization in his mind many times. The fact is, the time to think about whether or not you want to hurt your wife/girlfriend is BEFORE you cheat on her/tell her you're making lots of artist bucks. And if you want to have a real relationship, you should be honest. Even if it hurts. This is like saying it's better to have cancer and not know and go around feeling happy and fine until you suddenly die, than to know you have cancer and treat it and live, even though it means you'll feel like crap during the treatment. Ignorance is not necessarily bliss. Meanwhile, the orderlies are standing around wondering what the hell is going on and if this confessional will cut into their lunch break.

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