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Taub and Hadley explain the surgery to Brandon. By severing the nerves between his heart and brain, Brandon runs the risk of not being able to feel angina and dying of a heart attack somewhere down the road. Brandon has more immediate issues, though: the people speaking to him are not Hadley and Taub at all, but some creepy gross versions of them with their voices. I was actually looking down when this scene started and was in for quite a shock when I looked up to see those two clowns standing there. I'm kind of disappointed, too, since if this is Brandon's visual agnosia kicking in again, shouldn't their faces be all contorted and twisty like in that portrait? That would have been hilarious. Brandon doesn't notice that the strangers at his bedside have different faces but the same voices as his old doctors and demands to speak to Taub and Hadley. AgnosiaHadley is just as thick as the real Hadley and doesn't get that Brandon is suffering from the agnosia again, figuring he must not be very good with faces. She patiently explains that she is Hadley and that is Taub. Brandon says he's never seen them before in his life. The real Hadley and Taub exchange glances.

When House steps off the elevator, they're there to meet him, saying they can't do the cardiac surgery now that Brandon's original symptom has returned. Although they can't decide on whether this is a progressive disease or an intermittent thing. House gets to the end of a hallway and turns around and walks in the opposite direction. Not sure what that was about. He says Romano-Ward can be intermittent, so their diagnosis still stands and the surgery can still happen. Taub whines that they must have missed something, and House insists that they've checked everything there is to check. Taub says Brandon might have used some toxic paint in the past that hid out in his fat cells, only to cause symptoms when he lost weight, which were then accelerated after he got to the hospital and lost even more weight. Obviously Taub did his research and watched Season 1 of this show. The theory is sound enough to cause House to hold up an elevator full of people who are trying to get to their important life-saving jobs and ask how they're going to go about finding Brandon's old paint. Taub says Brandon hasn't sold any of his old paintings, so he must be hiding them somewhere so Heather will think he has. Taub wants to find those paintings and ask them if they have any toxins. House doesn't want to wait, saying that if it is Romano-Ward, Brandon could die at any moment. If they hold up Brandon's surgery and he dies while Taub is looking for a toxic painting that doesn't exist, it'll be on Taub's conscience, where it will have plenty of company. House gives Taub one hour (which probably isn't enough time to drive to the storeroom, let along take samples and bring them back to PPTH for testing) and finally steps onto the elevator, where the passengers give him dirty looks but don't say anything, which is why House always gets away with his rudeness.

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