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Bring It On

Taub runs into Brandon's room, only to find Heather there. Since Heather doesn't know about Brandon's artistic suck-cess, Taub has to speak carefully. He says he needs to find all of the paintings Brandon has sold recently wink wink nudge nudge hidden storage room. Brandon asks Heather to step out of the room, and she asks why Brandon's paintings are a topic that would require her to leave the room. I see it has finally dawned on Heather that Brandon might be full of shit. Good for her. Brandon decides to come clean and admits that he's only sold two paintings in the last three years, one of which was to a relative. Damn, that's quite the dry spell. But his loft was so amazing! Those drug tests must pay like a hundred grand! How long do you keep chasing that dream before you get a full-time job to pay the bills? Brandon could still try to paint during the weekend and wait for his artist career to take off. Idiot. Brandon tells Heather about the lucrative world of drug trials. Needless to say, Heather's not thrilled. Not that her boyfriend isn't a rich and successful artist, but that he lied to her. For years. And what he must have thought of her to think he had to. Brandon clumsily explains that he liked the way Heather looked at him when she thought he was successful, and couldn't bear to lose it. Well, he did anyway, so that really wasn't worth it, was it? "When I look at you, I see you," she says. Or at least, she did. Now she sees a guy who lied to her -- and to himself -- that he was a great artist. Pathetic. With that, Heather smiles and Taub remembers that he only has an hour. He asks Brandon for the location of the storage room.

Brandon is prepped for surgery while Taub takes a ride down a service elevator to a store room. He finds a bunch of chairs stuck on a chain-link fence. I'm not sure if that's art or Brandon's old dining room set. And then he finds Brandon's paintings, all arranged in chronological order. There's a crappy painting of Heather. And there's a painting of some guy with a distorted face. Taub takes a sample of the paint and notes the date on that bottom.

House gets a phone call. We already know it's not a social call, since House has no friends. It's Taub. He quickly says it isn't toxic paint after all -- it was the drugs all along. Brandon's portraits are distorted every other month. And those months match the months Brandon was on all three drugs. During his off months, his paintings are fine. So you're telling me that Brandon didn't notice that he had painted weird wavy people when he didn't have the agnosia? He didn't look at any of his paintings a few weeks after he painted them? Come on. Taub says he doesn't know how or why, but this is all because of the drugs. House has an idea, though. He asks Taub what was the last drug trial Brandon was on before the three he's doing now. Before Taub can say, House has already guessed: an antacid. Taub is super-impressed with House until he admits he read it on Brandon's file, which is in front of him. That has to be the first time House has ever read a patient file.

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