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Bring It On

It's Taub's wife, who leads him out to the parking garage on the Fox lot. He's got a tie wrapped around his eyes. Wife stops him and says if he doesn't like the color, they can exchange it. You can exchange a car? I doubt that. She removes the blindfold, and Taub checks out his new grey ... uh ... is that a Porsche? Shit, I'm so bad at cars. It's a convertible, and it's expensive. There you go. "You like it?" Wife asks. Taub doesn't say anything, and his smile fades. Someone's looking guilty as hell right now. "We need to talk," he says. Aw, don't confess at the same time as she buys you a new car! That's like when my ex-boyfriend dumped me AFTER I'd already made him dinner. Dick. Men suck this week.

And back in House's apartment, someone is playing a bluesy tune on his piano. But it's not House -- it's Lucas. House comes home and doesn't have a possessive fit over the man using his precious piano, which surprises me. He seems like someone who would be very protective of his instruments. "She didn't buy it," Lucas says. "Damn," says House. Did he really think she would? Lucas says he didn't get anything from Cuddy in return, and they probably "overstepped" with the fake cheerleading thing. House says he thought Cuddy would buy it because she wouldn't expect him to spend time carefully constructing a terrible fake cheerleading picture. "Yeah, about that," Lucas says, and an alarmed expression crosses House's face. "I took a little trip to your alma mater," Lucas says. House clearly wasn't expecting Lucas to go to the trouble of visiting Michigan to investigate him, but Lucas says it's a pretty easy process nowadays through the Internet and phone calls. House sits down and plays his guitar along with Lucas on the piano. Wilson never played the piano. The only instrument he played was the pity piccolo. Lucas > Wilson. "That's a real picture, isn't it?" Lucas says. House doesn't answer. Wait, so ... the picture was real after all? On one hand, bad showing, prop department. That looked fake as hell. On the other ... HA HA HA! That's awesome. House as a cheerleader! A picture simply will not do. We need video! I don't care how fake it looks. Oh my god, do you think he had pom-poms? WHY AREN'T WE SEEING A FLASHBACK?! And what's truly great about this is, that after all the stuff House tried to dig up on everyone else, the only person who had something truly embarrassing uncovered was him, and he was the one who dug it up in the first place!

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