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Bring It On

House tries to explain it away as something he did to impress a girl. Lucas says the truly pathetic thing about all this is that House wanted Cuddy to see him in a different light, and not only couldn't she, but she also didn't even believe it was possible. Okay, but the picture did look ridiculously fake. Even if we knew House was a cheerleader I still would have had doubts about that particular photo's veracity. "People hate people who have theories about people," House says. He should know. He has plenty of theories about people, and, well ... now he even has to pay people to hang out with him. With that, House plays more guitar, coming down with a bad case of guitarface in the process. Lucas asks if he wants him to "back off." Not sure if he means back off of Cuddy or House. "Would you?" House asks, a little too hopefully. "I barely know you," Lucas says. House actually smiles.

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