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Bring It On

Hadley and Foreman prepare Brandon for the MRI. Brandon is cautious about the contrast and asks if it's dangerous. Brandon must sense that the MRI is hungry for its next victim. Hadley says there's a "small chance" that the contrast could cause an allergic reaction. Brandon turns to Foreman -- obviously trusting him much more than Hadley -- and asks if that means he could stop breathing. Foreman says they're prepared to deal with anything that could happen. Especially bloody asses. They get those a lot here. Worried, Brandon whips out his sketch book and shows off his latest drawings, saying they're not distorted so maybe the visual agnosia was just a passing thing or a reaction to something he ate. Foreman points out that that's not the typical response to food poisoning and tries not to be too condescending. I mean, come on. Something he ate? Dumbass. Heather speaks up to urge Brandon to sign the consent form. He does, but he doesn't look thrilled about it. Hadley and Foreman exchange looks.

Over at Brandon's loft, Kumar and Taub look around for possible toxins. Incidentally, that loft set looks really strange, like it's a set for a theatrical production. Did they film this in the prop shop or something? Kumar asks Taub about the dirt House got on his wife. Taub shrugs it off, saying he doubts there's any dirt on his wife to get. Kumar tries to rile him up, saying he should know if his wife is "doing the doorman" on the sheets Taub pays for. How do you know Taub pays for those sheets, Kumar? Maybe the wife has a job. Taub is pretty confident that's not the case since he doesn't have a doorman. Ah, but maybe you do, Taub, but you never seen him because he's always up in your apartment doing your wife. "If my wife was a slut, I'd want to know," Kumar says rather viciously. I guess he's still smarting from Taub's not-at-all insulting remarks about him getting a crawling world record to get chicks.

Brandon's MRI went off without a hitch, which is disappointing. So is the result: Brandon's brain looks perfectly clean and free of tumors. House says they're just left with drugs. Taub points out that House called Hadley (Taub calls her Thirteen, which is stupid and annoying. We know her name now. She's wearing a nametag, and I'm sure it doesn't say "Thirteen" on it. Call her by her real name) a moron when she suggested drugs. Yeah, but Hadley is a moron so it's all good. House uses this as an excuse to bring up Taub's wife again, and Foreman again interrupts him to suggest that Brandon could have had a cavernous angioma that leaked, causing the symptoms, and was then re-absorbed so the symptoms went away and it wouldn't show up on the MRI. Hadley says good luck getting Brandon to consent to a test for that, given how uneasy he was about the simple contrast MRI. This surprises House, and Hugh Laurie should not stand in front of a light box while he's wearing that hairpiece. I do have to say, though, that it's a very convincing hairpiece and would've fooled me except that a) House had quite the bald spot going on in the pilot and bald spots don't just disappear, and b) Hugh Laurie doesn't wear a piece when he's out and about, and the thicker they make his fake hair on this show, the thinner his hair seems to get in real life. House asks a seemingly unimportant question: is Brandon's girlfriend hot? "Very. And if he dies, it's good news for all of us," Hadley says. Oh, every once in a while, they actually give her a good line and she delivers it well. Armed with this information, House says he's figured the whole thing out. With that, he's off to tell Brandon he may have a massive brain tumor, even though they just finished figuring out that he doesn't.

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