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Bring It On

Hadley hooks Brandon up to the dialysis machine. He asks if this means his kidneys are failing. She says no. Taub butts in and says Brandon is more worried about how he's going to explain this to Heather than what shape his kidneys are in. If I was Brandon, I'd be like, "hey! Shut it, baldy. I don't need my doctor working out his own personal trust issues with his wife through me." "I just don't want her to worry," Brandon says weakly. "You mean you don't want her to leave you," Hadley says, getting in on the fun. Brandon defends himself in a way that makes Taub think: he says he never lied to Heather about "anything important." He is an artist, and he used to sell paintings. He's just doing the drug testing thing to tide himself over until things pick up again. I used to work with a guy who told his girlfriend he was a producer even though he really worked as a tape-dubber. When she came to visit, we'd always have to play along that he was a producer. And he said it was okay because one day he really would be a producer, so he wasn't really lying. He didn't seem to care that his girlfriend cared more about his job than his personality, or what it said about his feelings about her that he assumed she'd be that shallow. Men suck. Hadley urges Brandon to just tell Heather the truth. Taub says he can't because this lie makes Heather happy. Brandon just lies there like "Am I in the ICU or the psych wing?"

Outside, Hadley has figured out that Taub did not know about the bank account. He admits that he didn't, but since his wife isn't, to the best of his knowledge, sleeping around or spending the money, he doesn't see a reason to do anything about it. Hadley still thinks a conversation is warranted, but Taub says he's in one of those rare happy relationships, and it's because they don't ever communicate about anything. I think it's more like he cheated on her and knowing she's doing something behind his back makes him feel less guilty.

House comes into work the next morning. Taub meets him at the door and says after the dialysis, Brandon's been symptom-free. House has a feeling Taub has more to say. He does: "You can screw with me all you want at work, but stay out of my personal life." Well, now that the boundaries have been clearly established, I'm sure House will stick to them. "What did she say?" House asks. He chose to listen to the first part of Taub's statement and not the second. "Want my advice?" he asks. "Of course not," Taub says. House says that's good, since he doesn't have the faintest idea what Taub should do about this. He does, however, know what Taub will do: he'll forgive the wife for the account, confess to his cheating ways, and beg for forgiveness from her. "I'm not saying you should ... but you will," House says before ducking into the elevator, which always has the best timing.

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