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Bring It On

It's too bad that Taub isn't actually refurnishing his home because it has got some ugly furniture going on. It reminds me of pictures of my grandparents' house in the 70's except there's no shag rug ... yet. He and the unnamed wife sit down for a sushi dinner and talk about a boring library fundraiser. When Taub isn't instantly thrilled about the Parker Quartet, Wife determines that something is wrong. Taub finally comes out with it, lying that while looking for a letter opener in her desk, he came across a bunch of bank statements from a secret account. Wife looks terrified, then exhales "I was so close." Taub asks what $83,000 was close to. I want to know how much money he has that $83,000 could have gone missing without him realizing it. Wife comes clean: she set up the account to save money to buy Taub a car! Oh, no! Now he feels like a double asshole for cheating on her and suspecting her of stealing his money in an effort to leave him! Taub is flabbergasted. Wife says she knew Taub would never buy an expensive car for himself, so she took his money and bought one for him. It's being delivered on Friday. "You are amazing," Taub says, looking like a huge weight has just been lifted off his shoulders. "Lucky you," Wife says. I think that weight on Taub's shoulders just came back, heavier than ever.

And now it's been, like, one day and they've "gradually" weaned Brandon off of his drugs. His swelling has gone down and he tells Hadley he feels great, but he's got a strange look in his eye. When she tries to listen to his heart, he lunges for her and brings her back down to the bed. I guess those two times Hadley went to the gym she partook of the kickboxing class, because she nails Brandon in the face with a right cross. He screams and lies back on the bed, nose bleeding. He's been punched twice in one episode, which I think beats House's personal best. All manner of nurse and Foreman runs in. "What happened to his face?" Foreman wonders. "The question is, what happened to his hormones?" Hadley asks, calling out for an ice pack. Good punch, poor follow-through.

Back in the conference room, Kumar thinks they can finally rule the drugs out of the diagnosis, since Brandon's system has been cleared of them twice now. Taub says the drugs could have set off a "dormant neurological condition." Or maybe Brandon got horny. That happens, too. House takes this opportunity to says that coming clean can be damaging. Aside from triggering dormant neurological conditions, for example, it can lead to divorce. Taub figures this is about him and says the bank account was to buy him a car. Once again, it's Foreman who gets back to the case, suggesting a disease that causes hyper sexuality and visual agnosia. House starts talking about the horrific life Brandon can look forward to if it is that disease, but this time it's Taub's turn to interrupt. He's decided to demand an apology from House, and he even uses his newfound spine to stand up when he does so. He says any rationalization House had for digging into his life and his wife's disappeared as soon as it turned out that the wife had a real, non-threatening reason to have that bank account. House does not actually apologize, although he does say that Taub is "right." Not that House owes him an apology, but that House no longer has to worry that Taub will use his wife's indiscretion to admit to his own. Since his wife didn't do anything wrong, Taub can keep his mouth shut. This answer couldn't have been what Taub was looking for, but he seems to accept it.

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